TLDR: Have an annual scratch (maybe around PSO2 anniversary?) that reintroduces the emotes/hairstyles introduced in that year to keep prices level enough so f2p have a better chance of being able to afford these items. Especially since NGS was released and those that didn't stock shop passes were locked out of the market for nearly half a year.

Alright so, came back after a bit of a break, (hi again guys!) and while I am personally happy that SEGA seems to be taking steps in the right direction (slowly), there are still some issues I feel that need a deeper look into, and I am talking about the costs of hairstyles and emotes. N-meseta has gotten easier to obtain for f2p, and the mission pass brought with it the 3 day shop pass, but the economy is still reeling under the effects of the red box farmers, meseta sellers, and there just not being sufficient enough money sinks in the game (game doesn't have nearly enough content to justify having meseta sinks, so that makes sense). People are either hoarding their meseta, or they're buying items to resell later at inflated prices. It's pretty crazy seeing hairstyles costing upwards of 4 - 8 million already, with emotes ranging between 2 - 8 million.

Dumping more money into the game won't help with costs, but keeping the supply chain open for those items will help keep prices level. I'm not asking for those items to be reintroduced every scratch in some capacity, that would be silly, but what I am suggesting is that perhaps on an annual bases, introduce a scratch that contains the various emotes/hairstyles and some extras that were released that year, similar to what base offers in terms of the rewind scratches. We have 3 AC scratches going at a time, so why not have one of those be a rewind during that time?

I keep seeing: "*Scratch Ticket prizes may reappear in other Scratch Ticket collections in the future." at the end of the item catalog for each scratch, which gives me hope that some of the items that I have missed out on will come back, but after allowing red box farmers to do what they did, for as long as they did, while also locking out many players from accessing the market from the beginning, it has essentially turned the NGS economy into one where scalping is the best, if not the main way of making money, and since red box farmers/whales/dolphins/scalpers have had half a year to dictate the prices, they are really the only ones that can readily afford these items at these costs.

Just a suggestion and something to consider.