Midnight Lotus is recruiting - Ship 1

Hi, my IGN is Iris and I’m the founder of the alliance known as Midnight Lotus. Currently we’re one of the alliances on ship 1 that is almost always at max members. Right now we’re looking for active members both old and new to replace some of the members that stopped playing and to be a part of our community and family.

We’re a rank 5 alliance that has every perk unlocked aside from a fully cultivated tree, which we’re working on now. We host weekly events on the weekends as well as hosting casino nights often all on block-12, our home. Our alliance quarters are always open to anyone who wants to visit as well.

If you wish to join, feel free to contact me here, in game via mail, or check out our discord. The link to the discord is discord.gg/mthKWVb but it can also be found on our alliance page in game and would be the fastest method to join. Come in and say that you’re interested and one of our officers will help you.

Whether you wanting to join or just checking us out, I want to thank you for taking the time to show your interest.

@Nyles-Locke If you still have room in your alliance I would like to join. I currently run Ranger and Hunter.

Hey we will gladly have you join us if you wish. Feel free to add my character if you wish or just send me a mail saying it’s you and I’ll send you an invite when I’m on

@Nyles-Locke Yes I want to join I sent you a message on Xbox Live with my name details

Gotcha my friend, I’ll get back to you when I’m home in an hour

submitted my application GT: Strifos82


Hey, first off, thank you for wanting to join our family! Currently, it will be a tiny bit before I can get on to invite you myself since I’m out. However,I’m in the process of seeing if any of the officers are currently online right now who can send you an invite. Regardless, we’ll get you in as soon as we’re able to.

sounds good thanks for the quick reply no worries

@Nyles-Locke Hey I got the invite but i cant seem to join...it says there are too many members 😞


Oh sorry about that, I’m getting someone to make a spot for you now and we’ll send you another invite

ok cool sounds good

resent application


Ok I just got confirmed that someone made a spot for you and sent you another invite. Sorry about that again

Just a small bump to say that we’re still looking for active people to join our family if anyone is interested

i'll give this another small bump since its been a while