A couple things I'd like to see in NA from my time in JP...

  • Xie!!

I would really like to see her return and visit us during Events. I'd like to get some fun or random stuff from her and have something to work toward during events! .. actually on that note...

  • Seasonal and Other Events!!

I should have said this before Xie... What all do you think we'll be getting? Some are obvious like V-day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc. But what about White Day, or the Sonic Anniversary? And what about anything new, like anyone remember that time we had Godzilla in the shop area blasting us with lasers?

  • Ship and Arkuma/Arkumimi Competitions

I need competition! I want to compete with the other ships and show how superior we on Ship02 are and have always been! (Note... Ship 02 has never won a competition that I've taken part in.....)

im pretty sure this is going to happen we just aint there yet

@A4Angel , sometimes stuff from other versions of PSO2 end up in the JP client. It was discovered that there would be versions of Xie for NA exclusive events (that and also, Xie was in the SEA and TW version... so why wouldn't she be in the NA version?)

As for the competition... that would be interesting to see for sure.

Personally I'd like to see some Denkgeki and Toro and Kuro stuff if we get a PS4 release but I think the odds of that are bit slim. I know Neptunia has all the Dengeki stuff in the US release but Toro and Kuro were removed from the US releases of Playsation All-Stars and SF ☓ Tekken and the PSVita, which had their only US appearance, completely flopped over here.

We'll probably get Crash and Spyro instead of Toro and Kuro lol.