Ship 1 alliance DkP is willing to take on anyone that needs an alliance.

So I run an alliance on ship 1 called DkP, as the title states. It's a level 5 alliance with a few members, I run it with a friend as my 'vice leader' of sorts and we're basically opening our doors to anyone who wants a place to help them figure the game out and help them level/grind stuff out. I've been spending my time exploring menus and such trying to figure out the ins and outs of the game as best I can, and I'm super down to share that knowledge where I can. Ideally I'd like to see active folks who are down to chat and run stuff, both with myself and each other.

Should probably also mention, my gamertag is my username here if anyone is interested in joining, feel free to leave me a message. I'm on most of the day most days, what with the quarantine and my hours being cut pretty drastically at work. Doesn't matter if you're level 5 and learning or level 75 and just want someone to run high level stuff with.