Every class requires knowledge and training and Summoner is no different, except in their type of weapon; Pets! Get a head start on your training with this brief lesson!

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You may think that using a Sword is cool, but have you ever wanted it to be alive, and perhaps have fur? Probably not, but this is one way you can think of Pets, the weapons of the Summoner. Pets can be obtained by using an Egg as an item, which registers it as a new Pet. To summon Pets in battle, equip a Harmonizer in the Equipment Menu, and under the ‘Normal Attack/PA/Technique’ tab, you can select your desired Pet—from the list of Pets—and that Pet’s Photon Arts. When a Pet is equipped, your Mag will be hidden but will still function as usual.

Pets have their own HP bars which decrease when they’re injured. When a Pet’s HP is getting low, switch to another Pet to let it rest or use the healing Technique Resta from your Sub-Palette. When a Pet’s HP reaches zero, it will become incapacitated, but after a certain period of time it will recover and be able to fight again. This recovery will take place even when it’s not currently active, so try switching to another Pet or weapon to keep fighting. Additionally, the amount of time required until full recovery varies for each Pet.


Use your surplus Eggs to perform Egg Synthesis, which gives your Pet EXP, causing it to grow (level up). If the Egg has a Plus Value, the Pet’s parameters will increase according to the Plus number, in addition to gaining EXP. The upper limit of the Plus Value varies depending on the Pet. Keep in mind that unlike players, Pets do not gain EXP from defeating enemies. Egg Synthesis can be done up to five times in a row. When you run out of Synthesis Points, you won’t be able to Synthesize for a while. Synthesis Points will recover over time, but you can also spend Star Gems to recover them instantly. When you recover them with Star Gems, you’ll receive bonus EXP when Synthesizing.

alt text Trim, Wanda, and Sally


By placing Sweets of various effects into the SWEETS BOX, your Pet will grow stronger. Each Pet has a unique Sweets Box. Defeat enemies to get a variety of Sweets and customize your Pet to suit your style of combat. Depending on the type and size of a Sweet, there is a limit as to how many you can fit into a Box.

  • Limit Total 1: Soda, Crepe.
  • Limit Total 2: Parfait, Roll, Pancake.
  • Limit Total 3: Cookie.
  • Limit Total 4: Candy.
  • Limit Total 5: Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • Limit Total 20: Gummy.

Once a Sweet has been placed, you cannot simply return it to your inventory. You can either extract them with a Sugar Tongs or dissolve them with a Sweets Dissolver. Extracted Sweets will be returned to your inventory, but dissolved Sweets will be lost forever. Here are some suggested guides to Sweet Box placement for various Pets:


Wanda is a balanced Pet and is easy to handle. Examples of Sweets best suited to Wanda:

  • Firm Roll: Reduces damage taken when HP is below half.
  • Transform Roll: Switch Defense and Offense.
  • Iron Ice Cream Sandwich: Raises Defense.


Trim is a talented attacker. Examples of Sweets best suited to Trim:

  • Megaton Parfait: Increases damage against bosses.
  • Daredevil Parfait: Increases PA power and PP cost.
  • One Stack Pancake: Increases Pet’s Element Level.


Sally is a support Pet that excels at long-range Area Of Effect attacks and support skills. Examples of Sweets best suited to Sally:

  • Energy Parfait: Increases normal attack damage.
  • Sacrificial Roll: Reduces PP cost of PAs while Alter Ego is in effect.
  • Spirit Cookie: Increases Maximum PP.

The Sweets Box contains a few spaces where you can’t put Sweets since they’re already occupied by one of the following:

  • Jello Cube: Automatically removed when the Pet reaches level 50.
  • Caramel Cube: Can be removed by using a Caramel Crusher.
  • Paper Cube: Cannot be removed.


Compress Sweets is a function that allows you to reduce the size of your Sweets so that you can fit more into the Box. Both Sweets in your inventory and Sweets that are already in a Box can be Compressed.


Pet Rarity Advancement is a function that allows you to raise your Pet’s Rarity, and thus its maximum level. Gather Eggs of a Registered Pet species that are the same Rarity or higher and proceed to the Pet Lab. The Pet’s name, level, Plus Value, Sweets Box, and Element Level will be retained and you can change its Personality.

alt text Aero, Jinga, and Popple


Some Pets Transform when using certain Eggs during Rarity Advancement. Certain PAs will change along with their forms and their maximum stats, and their Plus Value will increase. Additionally, the Pet’s Personality, Sweets Box, level, and Plus Value can all be maintained. After Transforming, the Pet cannot return to its original form. Check the Item Details to learn which Eggs are capable of Transformation.


Even after a Pet reaches level 100, you can continue to raise its level by asking Pietro for a Limit Break. In order to raise a Pet’s level after Limit Breaking, you must Synthesize using high Rarity Eggs.

A Pet’s maximum Element Level changes depending on its Rarity. Element Levels above the maximum will be rounded down.

  • 1-12 Star = Max value 50
  • 13 Star or more = Max value 60


A Pet’s attributes vary depending on their Personality. Here are some possible Personalities:

  • Sunny: Increases damage dealt when the weather is sunny.
  • Resolved: Has a small chance of blocking fatal attacks and grants increased attack and invincibility for a few seconds.
  • Smart Cookie: Increases damage dealt to enemies suffering from Status Effects.
  • Industrious: Increases damage dealt and PP cost.
  • Expeditious: Increases the amount of PP recovered when attacking.
  • Kind: After fighting for a certain period before retiring, restores HP to the Pet to succeed it.

During the Pet Rarity Advancement process at the Pet Lab, Personalities can be changed to the selected Egg’s Personality.


An experienced ARKS Operative will always find new ways of getting stronger, and a Summoner should be no different. By venturing to the planets beyond, you will have a chance to encounter formidable enemies and collect powerful Eggs to add to your “arsenal”. Here are some of the additional Pets you can collect:

alt text Marron and Melon

Marron & Melon

Marron and Melon steadily inflate depending on the number of attacks they have received, and the power of Marron Strike and Melon Strike increases accordingly. Hitting the enemy with these PAs causes the Pet to faint but deals a significant amount of damage. If Marron stays at maximum inflation for too long, it will explode and damage you, so be careful.

Marron needs to be hit a lot to reach its maximum inflation, but its Marron Strike is extremely powerful. Melon needs fewer hits to reach maximum inflation when compared to Marron, but it also isn’t as powerful. However, using the PA again right before hitting allows you to attack multiple times before the incapacitation.


Viola can change its capabilities with a PA called Viola Change. Viola Change will produce the following capabilities:

  • PA power increased; Defense increased.
  • Speed reduced when performing a PA.
  • PP recovery reduced.

Using Viola Change again will return Viola to its original state. Change forms depending on the opponent and situation to fight most effectively.


Shinkuro can cast different PAs in succession to form a Chain that strengthens the effect of PAs. Upon using the first PA, each subsequent PA will be strengthened by the Chain. Shinkuro Strike consumes the current Chain and is powered up depending on the Chain’s level. When the Chain reaches level 3, a glowing sphere will appear around you. When this happens, try using Shinkuro Strike. The Chain will be canceled if your Pet uses anything other than a PA.


Some of Redran’s PAs target an enemy (or enemies) and shoot them with homing projectiles. The PAs that shoot homing projectiles have the following characteristics:

  • Redran Laser: Targets a single enemy, and holding the PA button increases the number of lasers fired and enemies targeted.
  • Redran Burst: Targets a single enemy, and holding the PA button increases the number of shots fired and enemies targeted. There are other PAs that use homing projectiles as well. Redran Mine, Redran Laser, Redran Gravity, and Redran Burst will all fire projectiles that explode upon contact. Make sure to try them all!

alt text Redran, Shinkuro, and Viola

We hope this article was helpful in your path to becoming a Summoner! Make sure to also learn from more experienced ARKS Operatives in your adventures! Until next time!

-The PSO2 Team