Chubby body type issues.

I still can't get over it.

My character is a fat body male, and I can't wear ALMOST the new NGS clothes.

Do you guys have these issues? Your waist side always flies out, so dumb clothes design. So far Ngs started, I only have a few clothes can give my character, I don't even need to worry about new AC, because my character can't use it. It bugs out. And the sad part is, this is clothes design, they can't fix it or don't want to fix it.

I sent the ticket, they replied to report these issues, but 3 ACs passed, two months did nothing. NGS almost creat an environment only for slim body type people.

Why pso2's clothes no issues, but NGS EVERY CLOTHES HAS IT. Are they changing the newbie designer for this?

ngs1.png ngs2.png ngs3.png ngs4.png ngs5.png ngs6.png ngs7.png ngs8.png ngs9.png ngs10.png

It's not even meant for slim bodies, not really. I tried to change my characters lower body in an attempt to make those seem less stupid, and only when my character was basically standing on nothing but bones covered in skin was it enough to be worth considering (but not really considering how stupid it would look with a wider upper body and a nonexistent lower body), although it still didn't change the fact that buttcapes (if it isn't obvious, it's a cape for your butt) lack physics. This also isn't a problem that's limited to male characters. They're just incredibly poorly designed.

Simple solution for segas self-made problem, they can just drop buttcapes and skirts entirely, or make them work in a natural way by making them stop when they hit your body, instead of letting them lazily clip through it.

EDIT: I went ahead and tested it again, and yes, it turns out the only time the clothing didn't bloat away from your body was when you're literally nothing but skin and bones. Disgusting. Once again i regret how much text i needed to redact from that survey to make it fit into the way too tiny limits.

EDIT2: Meh, that's enough complaining.


Such poor design, but SEGA never try to fix it.

I am 100% agree with you. I wrote like 1200 alphabet and tried to reduce to 300; it's so frustrating. I don't even think so that they will fix this bugged design.

So far, I have seen everything with skirts or long; I know it goes disaster immensely.

On my lord... skin and bones... what's character creation matter? Everyone only can be like a superskinnymodel in this game.