Need an extra oomph on your next Quest? Try Enhancement at the Item Lab! Read more to find out how you can power up your Rings, Units, and Weapons!

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You are getting close to completing that Solo Quest for an Achievement, but you still can’t quite make it. What more can be done to achieve victory besides continuing to practice your skills? Well, the Grinders in your inventory appear to be breeding, and you have a bit of Meseta saved up… Maybe it’s time to finally give the ITEM LAB a visit and try to enhance your weapons and more. After all, stronger gear means a stronger you.

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Weapons, Units, and Rings can be ENHANCED at the Item Lab. You can also raise a weapon’s Element Level, change the weapon’s Element, or unlock Weapon Potentials. To Enhance weapons, you need to use other weapons as fodder (up to five at a time), as well as provide Meseta, and have the requisite number of consumable items or Grinders on hand (not just in Storage) for the synthesis. This will create ENHANCEMENT EXPERIENCE for the weapon, and ultimately when the Enhancement Experience Gauge is full, the Enhancement Level increases and the weapon becomes stronger.

To denote that an item has been Enhanced, a number will appear at the end of the item’s name, for instance “(Weapon Name) +1”. The number indicates the Enhancement Level of the item. Units are slightly different in that you do not need to use items as fodder, and instead only need to supply Grinders and Meseta.

Depending on the weapon(s) used as materials, there may be bonus Enhancement Experience awarded when synthesizing. A Material Bonus is granted when the materials are from the same category, of the same Rarity, or are the exact same item like the one being strengthened. An Enhancement Bonus can always be depended on when a material item’s Enhancement Level is one or more (such as using an “Alba Partisan +1” as a material, for instance).

In addition to Material Bonuses, the Enhancement may also result in a Success or a Great Success. A Great Success will grant more Enhancement Experience than usual. There is no option to fail at Enhancing a weapon. When you use more materials in the synthesis at the same time, you’ll gain a greater bonus if a Great Success occurs. It is also possible to increase the chance of a Great Success occurring by using a support item that specifically increases that chance.

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Sharp-eyed operatives will notice that weapons can deal ELEMENTAL damage. These elements come in varieties like Fire or Light, and the Element Level indicates their strength. The higher the Element Level, the more damage it will do to an enemy. Furthermore, if the enemy happens to be weak to that Element, it will inflict even more damage. If you choose a fodder weapon with the exact same name as the weapon you’d like to increase the ELEMENT LEVEL on, the Element Level will rise significantly. Using a weapon of the same name and Element will cause it to rise even more. Weapon Element Levels are maxed at 50 for 12-star Rarity weapons or lower. The weapon’s Element is set when it is first created or obtained, but it can be changed using certain consumable items.

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Just like the hearts of ARKS Operatives, many weapons hold a hidden Potential. Weapon Potentials will impart benefits —such as boosting attack power under certain conditions— that change depending of the weapon type. Weapon Potentials can be unlocked when Enhancing a weapon from +10 to +11, +20 to +21, and from +30 to +31. Unlocking a Weapon Potential requires Meseta and materials, such as Photon Spheres. In addition, Weapon Potentials have levels, ranging from 1 to 3. The level can be raised when unlocking the next Weapon Potential. The higher the level of the Weapon Potential, the greater its effect.

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Some weapons will unlock an AUGMENT FACTOR when they reach Enhancement Level +35. Just like normal Augments, the unlocked Factor will have to be activated with materials via the Affix Augment function at the Item Lab. If you’re curious about the Factors a weapon may possess, you can check from your Inventory by using the CONFIRM AUGMENT FACTOR option available when selecting the weapon. Affixing Augment Factors and normal Augments to weapons both follow the same rules.

We can’t wait to hear about your tales of adventure after Enhancing your Items! See you at the Item Lab Arks!

-The PSO2 Team