Worlds First LvL 2!!

Lol jk but how far did we all get. I can get about as far as the last boss on the first mission but it stops after the loot boxes spawn.

@a-friendly-zero This is sad but... I am so jealous of you right now.

I killed the last boss and went through all the cutscene and then got booted, I'm going to take the crown for the first person furthest in the game so far 😂

Heh, I can't even get to Character Creation. Oh well, hopefully they bring up more ships tomorrow.

I made it to Level 2 also, and started the second part of the story.

So unfair. Lol

Beat the Rockbear, then disconnected right as ship 2 came online. Been trying to get back in ever since.

You got a loot box and lasted till the end??! Whatever, man!.. Aint hearing it... Lol

So I take it no one got to an urgent quest or the concert event thing?

@Mustachu2 The urgent quest isn't for another hour, and the concert is tomorrow.

@SkankX50 Oh .. Ok... But we did all get lvl 2 at least? 😆 Apparently I must also wait 2 mins to reply until I have a reputation... LUL

My God this is aweful. I made my character after two hours of spamming the A button and it crashes before I can start the tutorial. The heck Sega open more servers. Typical Sega. We waited 8 years and you clearly still don't respect the US fan base.

We’ve waited so long for this Brando!! Don’t worry!!! It’s almost here.

I finished the first quest and got to the lobby on the ship and then it crashed

i was so close to getting to the main lobby lol

@Syphoris OP I would kill to get to the first quest...