Pse Bursts

Can anyone explain them a little better? Also, I have nopticed that whenever i set them off that i'm not getting the kind of mobs i do when it happens in the UQ. Any reason for that?

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PSE Bursts scale the number of spawning enemies and drop rate (both quantity and RDR) to the number of players in the area (NPC party members do not count); when it is only a single player, you only get one enemy spawning continuously.

Thanks, that is good to know and explains a lot. Sounds like i need to stop solo running for the events.

Actually, we just posted an article on this. 🙂

Okay, playing PSO2 for the first time. I know they posted an article and it definitely did provide more insight into PSE bursts.

So just to make sure I got the basic principles down: Pay attention to colors and similar colors build similar levels. Goal is to get to/past level 8. Stay close and just murder everything. Cross burst is basically murdering a lot of a different type of mob that correlates to another PSE color. More people = more mobs Always fight with what mobs are weak against. Look for weather changes/unique patterns that indicate PSE.

With all the being said I still have several questions and want to understand PSE so I run these events correctly.

Staying the same area? We talking same block, same area of the colors beams/weather, area 1 vs area 2. I'm assuming it's wherever it starts everyone should just amass there to increase spawn rate.

I've seen a lot of people saying throw mags during burst to keep it going. Is this a thing and if so from what aspect? (More mags = lots of mob murder vs some PSE with mags).

I know PSE is based off the beam colors coordinating from certain mobs after you kill them. Should you solely focus that mob during a burst in order to try and keep it going? Or just murder all the things to try for cross burst/continuing the burst?

Sorry for the book of text, I want to understand these things because I feel like I'm not fully running them correctly.

PSEs only apply to the Area you are in (ie. Area 1/Area 2), so as soon as you move to another Area, you leave the area of effect of those PSEs. Other than that, you want to be in the same sector of the Area (ie. A-3, B-5, etc.) with everyone when a PSE Burst occurs, both to kill things faster (due to tighter spawning) and to make sure everyone gets the EXP and drops.

Mags' Photon Blasts can lead to more DPS and, depending on the Blast itself, it can make containing mobs easier (for example, Julius Nifta creates a strong gravity field that pulls enemies together). Additionally, if you hold your Photon Blast key down and other people do the same, with your Photon Rings connecting, you can chain Photon Blasts so that they increase in power and duration.

Just murder all the things.

@AndrlCh said in Pse Bursts:

Just murder all the things.

I agree with this statement. And the others.

In regards to trying for Cross-Burst or focusing one enemy, it depends on a lot of factors. Generally, murder all the things. If the spawn rate is high enough (for instance, during an Emergency Code) then perhaps you can focus one type of mob if you'd like that PSE.

As a JP Player, the immediate moment a PSE Burst/Cross Burst/WAN MOR occurs, it's an unwritten rule for everyone to fire their PBs in a chain, as said above, if you're charged enough to do it. It generally gives the necessary buffs/damage to wipe out waves of creatures during their duration, to extend the burst further.

Hi, im new to the game and i heard a lot of guides saying that when u have pse burst u need to get to a corner of the map instead of running around to control the monster spawn. But when I tried it with my friends, the monster did not spawn "fast enough" (i think). Because of that we couldnt find mob to kill and cant even do a one more.

I saw many videos showing a lot of mob just keep spawning over and over when pse burst. Are there some kind of tricks behind the spawning? Does it need to be a SHAQ ?

Note: its a 3 players party, and we did not link our mags when burst

Thank you 🙂

Thats nice:

How to trigger PSE Bursts (Dev info) NA Discussion I keep seeing posts show up talking about what could be the trigger to a PSE Burst, but guys we have info directly from SEGA and from nearly 8 years of playing on the JP servers.

First up is the words directly from THE OFFICIAL FORUMS

There are many types of Photon Sensitive Effects, but two notable PSE increases are EXPERIENCE GAINED and RARE ENEMY APPEARANCE RATE. When activated during a PSE Burst, however, all PSEs will increase ITEM DROP RATE in addition to their respective effects.

Each type of enemy in a given area will contribute to a PSE when you slay them. Pay attention, and you will notice that occasionally when an enemy is defeated, a column of light (several colors possible) will emanate from the slain foe, indicating that there are Photons in an excited state. Focus your efforts on enemies that display beams of a specific color and you can increase the level of the corresponding PSE.


Once a PSE reaches level 8, you’ll trigger a PSE CHANCE. Sometimes you may seem to go straight to the PSE Burst when dispatching enemies especially quickly. During the PSE Chance, the enemies will continue to spawn at the normal rate, but if you manage to yield another column of light the same color as the PSE that provided the Chance, you’ll trigger a PSE Burst. If not, your PSE will be reset.


If you are successful in converting a PSE Chance, you’ll experience a PSE BURST for a short while. While a PSE Burst is active, enemies will spawn continuously in your immediate location and the item drop rate and rare item drop rate will increase. The effect that is active during the PSE Burst will also be received by other players in the same area. However, once you leave the area, the PSEs and their levels will dissipate. This is why it’s a good idea to remain in the same area of a planet if you’re trying to trigger a PSE Burst.

This is the basic need to know info, the following info is from the forums from 2015 (which is still accurate).

PSE or “Photon Sensitive Effect” is a system in PSO2 that relates to killing monsters in missions, (amongst other things that we will get to later) kill enough monsters fast enough and raise the PSE lv to Lv8 and a PSE Burst will occur. When a PSE Burst is triggered a timer will start counting down from 1 minute, 1minute 30 in VITA blocks, and for the duration of the burst monsters will continually spawn in the party’s location. Killing enough monsters in the right way will cause the burst timer to reset and continue spawning monsters.

In mission areas each type of monster is linked to a PSE effect and depending on the type of mission you will have 3 or 4 possible effects that can happen at once. (EQ only has 3 possible effects whereas VHAQ\SHAQ and most other have 4) Also worth noting is that the monsters linked to a particular PSE effect will change as you move to different areas as it’s all randomly assigned upon creation of the mission instance.

So first thing we need to be doing is to pay attention to which monsters are raising which PSE levels as we are fighting, this will be essential if you want to burst for long periods as ideally we need to control which effects are leveling if possible.

The next is to watch out for the PSE symbols that appear at the top of the screen along with the towers of light that sometimes rise from defeated enemies. The colour of which indicates the element that should be used to kill the mobs in that area. Using a corresponding element will cause the PSE lv to rise faster than using other elements. Forces should be extra aware as they have easiest access to different elemental attacks.

• Red = Fire • Yellow = Lightning • Blue = Ice • Green = wind • Purple = dark • White = light

Now the next thing to keep in mind is how maps are run, this is especially important in Advanced Quests as the monsters do not respawn. You will want to look for the most efficient path possible through the map the idea being as soon as one spawn is defeated you are moving as quickly as possible to the next part of the map where more mobs can spawn. Do not hang around collecting items as this should be done as you are defeating the spawn. This can be hard as the map will be hidden so luck is required to a certain degree.

Kill enough monsters fast enough and the PSE effect will hit lvl8 and a burst will occur. Depending on how fast you kill you will either go straight into a PSE burst or you will get a burst chance. If you get a chance then monsters will continue at normal rates to spawn in the party’s location, kill enough in a minute and a burst is triggered fail and the PSE level will reset.

PSE Burst

Finally we have a PSE burst and the timer is ticking down from one minute, what now? Do a mag chain then KILL KILL KILL. Your main objective is to kill enough monsters to trigger more PSE levels. Raise enough PSE levels and when the timer runs out it will give a “one more” resetting the timer and continuing the burst. Raise a different PSE lv to lvl 8 and a Cross burst will occur resulting in even more spawns and an extra long timer. There are a number of factors in play but 2 stand head and shoulders above the rest other than simply killing as many monsters as possible as fast as possible.

STAY CLOSE TO THE REST OF THE PARTY - Ideally stay within resta/shifta range of each other. This is of utmost importance. The reason being monsters will continually spawn close to the party’s location. If someone is running off to kill more distant mobs it will cause monsters to spawn further away from that lone player and thus even further from the rest of the party. This is especially difficult for melee classes who will want to run off to attack monsters out of their range. Don’t do it, distant monsters are the Forces/Rangers job to kill in a burst. Conversely Ranger and Forces should be looking to kill more distant mobs leaving closer monsters for the melee classes to kill.

MAG BLAST CHAINS FTW. Mag blasts during bursts increase the One More chance at the end of a burst. Chained mag blasts increase one more chance greatly. Chaining is very easy to do. When you activate your mag blast you should hold the button down, you will see a large glowing circle, to chain simply overlap your circle with someone else’s circle. The “one more” chance will increase depending on the number of people chaining their mags. 4 player chains in SHAQ are required for good one more chances in full parties.

Always chain as soon as the initial burst happens as this will give the maximum time to recharge that PB gauge and hopefully get another chain in before the burst ends.

If you cross burst you will get a one more guaranteed after the initial cross timer runs out, save your mag chains for after the clock resets for the one more as its wasted otherwise.

So you want to burst for longer do you? Well it’s possible if you’re observant of what mobs boost what PSE levels and have run your map well. I must add that Maps are the lifeblood of bursting in Advance quests, get a bad map and your chances of a good burst drop like a stone. Got a good map? Well we better pray the monsters spawn in a good way. As you can see much is reliant on luck.

One tactic that can be very useful is spawn chaining. Assuming you have a PSE burst and the monsters spawning in the burst are not raising the other PSE levels by much you may want to move the entire party to a different location on the map. You will be looking to leg it as fast as possible to a location that has not had any monsters spawn yet as you want a new full spawn to hopefully bump up the other levels and cause a cross burst. Again this is entirely dependent on luck as we just don’t know what will spawn next.

One thing to be aware of is that monsters will continue to spawn at the original location and along the way as you move through the map looking for the next spawn, forces and rangers it is your job to kill the monsters still spawning from the burst otherwise they will still be on the map once you reach the new location and no more burst spawns will occur till they die.

In an ideal world you will burst, cross that burst, one more, cross again, one more, cross again , one more , cross again then one more as many times as possible. its rare that maps and spawns will allow this but totally possible.


Now the question comes down to, which is more accurate? Do we simply need to kill X enemy that is bursting blue, or do we need to use Y element that matches the color of the PSE buff that we have? That is something that the devs need to answer for the final answer.