Pse Bursts

Can anyone explain them a little better? Also, I have nopticed that whenever i set them off that i'm not getting the kind of mobs i do when it happens in the UQ. Any reason for that?

Thanks, A Curious Summoner

PSE Bursts scale the number of spawning enemies and drop rate (both quantity and RDR) to the number of players in the area (NPC party members do not count); when it is only a single player, you only get one enemy spawning continuously.

Thanks, that is good to know and explains a lot. Sounds like i need to stop solo running for the events.

Actually, we just posted an article on this. 🙂

Okay, playing PSO2 for the first time. I know they posted an article and it definitely did provide more insight into PSE bursts.

So just to make sure I got the basic principles down: Pay attention to colors and similar colors build similar levels. Goal is to get to/past level 8. Stay close and just murder everything. Cross burst is basically murdering a lot of a different type of mob that correlates to another PSE color. More people = more mobs Always fight with what mobs are weak against. Look for weather changes/unique patterns that indicate PSE.

With all the being said I still have several questions and want to understand PSE so I run these events correctly.

Staying the same area? We talking same block, same area of the colors beams/weather, area 1 vs area 2. I'm assuming it's wherever it starts everyone should just amass there to increase spawn rate.

I've seen a lot of people saying throw mags during burst to keep it going. Is this a thing and if so from what aspect? (More mags = lots of mob murder vs some PSE with mags).

I know PSE is based off the beam colors coordinating from certain mobs after you kill them. Should you solely focus that mob during a burst in order to try and keep it going? Or just murder all the things to try for cross burst/continuing the burst?

Sorry for the book of text, I want to understand these things because I feel like I'm not fully running them correctly.

PSEs only apply to the Area you are in (ie. Area 1/Area 2), so as soon as you move to another Area, you leave the area of effect of those PSEs. Other than that, you want to be in the same sector of the Area (ie. A-3, B-5, etc.) with everyone when a PSE Burst occurs, both to kill things faster (due to tighter spawning) and to make sure everyone gets the EXP and drops.

Mags' Photon Blasts can lead to more DPS and, depending on the Blast itself, it can make containing mobs easier (for example, Julius Nifta creates a strong gravity field that pulls enemies together). Additionally, if you hold your Photon Blast key down and other people do the same, with your Photon Rings connecting, you can chain Photon Blasts so that they increase in power and duration.

Just murder all the things.

@AndrlCh said in Pse Bursts:

Just murder all the things.

I agree with this statement. And the others.

In regards to trying for Cross-Burst or focusing one enemy, it depends on a lot of factors. Generally, murder all the things. If the spawn rate is high enough (for instance, during an Emergency Code) then perhaps you can focus one type of mob if you'd like that PSE.

As a JP Player, the immediate moment a PSE Burst/Cross Burst/WAN MOR occurs, it's an unwritten rule for everyone to fire their PBs in a chain, as said above, if you're charged enough to do it. It generally gives the necessary buffs/damage to wipe out waves of creatures during their duration, to extend the burst further.

Hi, im new to the game and i heard a lot of guides saying that when u have pse burst u need to get to a corner of the map instead of running around to control the monster spawn. But when I tried it with my friends, the monster did not spawn "fast enough" (i think). Because of that we couldnt find mob to kill and cant even do a one more.

I saw many videos showing a lot of mob just keep spawning over and over when pse burst. Are there some kind of tricks behind the spawning? Does it need to be a SHAQ ?

Note: its a 3 players party, and we did not link our mags when burst

Thank you 🙂