Please add a way to use regular in-game weapons as skins / camos (or add transmutation)

I recently got the dark purple color-variant of Straga Spear and it looks absolutely AMAZING, both the weapon itself and the effects it gives when you attack. Thank you for adding these color variant weapons!

What makes me depressed is that this will only last until Desert expansion (when we get new weapons), so my suggestion is to please add an option to use regular in-game weapons you have, as weapon camos (maybe use a rare cash-shop item to convert them to a camo, I don't mind). Or something like base PSO2 transmute? I actually didn't play base much but I saw there is this transmute option.

Yes, this idea sounds good! I used to use resurgir weapon before and I really liked how it looked like, but straga series came out which were better and I really missed how resurgir weapon looked like and now even with the color system, a lot of the weapons look amazing! Being able to use those weapons as camos would be really nice.

Yeah sounds like a great idea, was thinking about that my self tbh. Hope they implement it!

Please include old PSO2 weapons in this as well.

Heh this the exact place I was looking for. I would really love this because it would solve all the hard earned and transferable weapons from pso2:og having more use in ngs. It would be great to have that many options for further customization. I would be pretty happy grandpappy to finally beable to wield weapons that dead-on match my created character that I can pretty much only wield in town due to how of little use it is otherwise.8c1005dc-5818-406d-9bc5-765ef2bb2d17-960x540.png 6b51c0d9-aa4d-4fb6-8608-c3208aa9c2b8-960x540.png 89c773a6-d6f9-4d7b-8aec-4a6481cf07ea-960x540.png

I have to say the change they made in NGS that allows you to use multiple weapon camos for each weapon category is a wonderful addition. If they could also implement something that identifies ALL weapons from base pso 2 as potential Camos in that menu. That would be a fantastic and harmless way to reward everyone for their hard grinding for special weapons from Base or just really like the look of the old-style weapons, keep the look they love, and still enjoy the challenge of NGS. This and a weapon camo transmutation shop from Base pso 2 would be perfect!

This is a great idea!