Back after a long break

Hey everyone, I'm back to check out the NGS after being out from gaming for the past 6 months or so.

You know how you just get busy sometimes the way things go at times.

Anyways, I was surprised to see Fresh Finds was gone from the PSO2 side of things, not sure if it's in the NGS. ...Unfortunately it may be time for me to upgrade, I set everything to the lowest possible settings and what little combat I have managed to try out in NGS is nearly unplayable for me. I can get on with it for a while before my computer goes into a panic seizure and freezes for a few seconds, so in that regard it's playable though not ideal.

limits me to lobby rat status for the time being I guess.

If there happen to be any in-game Ship 3 (ngs) wide group chats id be interested in joining some active people since my Alliance is not an overly active one.

Funny thing is, PSO2 for me runs pretty smooth on fairly decent medium/high settings without much trouble so I guess I'll be spending a fair amount of time maxing out gear in PSO2 for the time being.

regardless, hopefully you all are digging the NGS so far.


for the GM's, If there's any chance we might get more personal quarters space that would be great. (PSO2) As someone that used to spend hours in SWG decorating at times I find the 150 capacity is really limiting. I'd even settle for another room, as far as I am aware you can only access Premium A / Premium B rooms and lastly the default with a max of 5 or 10 items. Another room or increased capacity would be cool.

In the NGS tutorial there was some mentions of rooms, though I've yet to find those in-between lagging in the main area 😹

I'm wanting to check out the story of NGS though for previously mentioned reasons it's not a good idea right now.

On another note I'm also sitting on 50 mil or so on ship 3 if anyone has a ticket for the accessory '359: On Standby 6' I'll buy it off ya.

No Fresh Finds in NGS either, they probly got rid of it in classic to make the clients more similar. The FF shop in PSO2 was replaced with the Treasure Shop NPC like JP has.

Ah, so it's basically all done through said 'treasure' NPC? okay great then.

Earlier on I had spoke with a few random people hanging out in the lobby area about that feature being gone and they pretty much never bothered to mention anything about that haha, though I suppose they may have just been as clueless to that bit of information as I was perhaps.. Or maybe they were just not keen on the idea of felines such as myself acquisitioning items from this npc fellow in question..!

Some people dislike us afterall! We're always getting into gardens and coughing up hairballs and such.. a cats gotta watch their back you know? ..I mean a dog could show up! How awful that would be while trying to take a nap in the warm sun!! Oh gosh deary just the thought.. 😼

Anyhow ..They were a quaint and nice bunch so no harm no foul despite any potential dislike for catkind.

Nevertheless! I suppose one might begin to wonder about any intentional malice to sway me into a freshly found fashionless fresh findless void of peril.. Hmph. Such matters elude me, though I'm sure they'll continue on to gather for their matinée teas while they share summer time stories around the cordelia-candle and engage in great moments of song and dance amid whoever it was, Bjork or Quna or something along those lines.. whatever it is people manage to do these days!

So all is still well in the land then.

Thanks for the update Akonyl.

@Redex Well if Fresh finds being gone is a shocker, did you hear that SEGA is going to shut down these forums in November, set them to read only, then a few months later refresh the websites for PSO2, and NGS, which will cause them to get wiped? Yeah, that's happening, so enjoy the forums while you can. All further discussions will be locked to Reddit or Discord. Most of the people that frequent these forums are not happy about the decision.


I did just recently read into that.. So it would seem the hamster SEGA had running on a wheel to keep these forums going has run out of gas 😿

It's the final countdown!


That would be nice, I don't want to speak too ahead before I've had the chance to put some more time into NGS since for all I know there might have already been similar things implemented though maybe there's going to be more emphasis on player created fashion items down the road or if not I guess it could also be limited to AC scratches. 😸

Just kind of thinking on it, although maybe it would not be best considering every other game uses something like that to a small degree. I had flashes in my head of player made costumes that look like something right out of hell.

At the very least there are the player shops so people can buy clothing accessories with Meseta if nothing else I guess.

I imagine SEGA would have plans to keep things interesting in one way or another.

@Riesz I'd also like to see FUN reintroduced as well. Some of the cosmetics that were mixed in with those scratches were pretty cool. Especially all the little cast oriented accessories. There's a guy on Ship 3 that makes all sorts of interesting cosmetics with them.

actually ngs offers a daily free scratch ticket 🎟️ and the mission pass has begun there but is gone forever from regular pso2 and I kind of hope that they do a remaster of the old pso but make the online mode free to play because I always thought it was silly to have to shell out ten bucks a month just to play the game after spending twenty bucks or whatever it was for the GameCube version

Everything is gutted from PSO2 sadly. They could've easily recycled a lot of AC scratches, collabs, scheduled raids, seasonal events, FUN scratches etc that a lot of people missed. And that's just something they could do with the bare minimum of effort just to keep people interested. Remember when NGS was so bad that they had to tell everyone to go play PSO2? The best they could muster was a story mode event that barely lasted as long as a fart in a cramped elevator.


Oh that's interesting I had seen the daily rewards thing though not that, yet.

Hmm, right the extra 10 hunters license was a bit edgy though at the same time I'm pretty sure the original game was around the dawn of console MMO gaming and also the server fees were probably through the roof so it made sense to me on that level. Granted it did have a feeling of exclusivity because of it, I was like 13 or so around that time and I got the sense I was playing with invested players in contrast to trolls or some random jamokes that might have wanted to try and scam me or others for credit details etc. So in that aspect it was good although nowadays I feel/agree that it helps having the game free because there really isn't enough advertising for it in my opinion to garden mass appeal with an added paywall or at least at this point I would say.

If say.. down the line PSO3 for example ever has VR mode and constant mission zones with easter eggs/updates alongside content with the same depths as the original game in terms of writing and atmosphere, I would consider the extra ten justifiable though I think with all the accessory content that is provided that it kind of makes up for any loss of a regular few bucks.


Is it computer performance related when they said that? If so yeah I mean it doesn't run the greatest on my current system haha. Too funny. Yeah in order for seasonal content to really have some punch its like they need half a dev team to really make something grand. I was gaming Siege a while back (Ubisoft game) and they've released multiple game modes including a survival/story mission mode with new content the previous halloween season that was really cool and probably had so many people working on it.

I imagine the Dev team is somewhat limited to what their Directors will allow as new content. ..I mean the entire team could have a skew of great ideas but they all have to be approved by officials and so on so it might make adding new content for this series somewhat more difficult perhaps.

@Redex On the Global side, anyways, I don't think there would be a problem if we ended up still being trickle-fed some of the seasonal events the Japanese version got considering we didn't get anything quite like theirs (they had some distinct Halloween and Christmas events) nor do we have their same cast of hosts and guests who do host events. I don't quite know how many people it would take to really be "making" new content for a seasonal event in that case when the content was already done on the Japanese side.

If it was for New Genesis, however, I personally hope Sega reconsiders some of their update pacing because I'm not particularly excited about the upcoming winter update (which already has a date, thankfully) feeling like the bi-monthly update you would have expected from the Japanese side of things. Granted, we weren't fully told everything that was coming just yet and perhaps the scale of that particular update is massive but I don't quite know if Sega intends that "Chapter 2" is like their equivalent of an Episode 2 update or if it's a literal "Chapter 2" update following up on what on launch was "Chapter 1." This massively slow pacing in comparison might have some justification for its timing but I really feel that things like the supposed fixes and changes coming up would have been nicer to have when the users had those concerns rather than the sort of "please wait for this big update for more information" message we got.

I recall Sega is currently hiring on the Japanese side for a multitude of roles (directors, programmers, and even localization directors and the likes). I am very curious to see how this sort of thing unfolds for Sega in the coming future since they have had a number of nasty hiccups leading up to New Genesis.

@VanillaLucia said in Back after a long break:

On the Global side, anyways, I don't think there would be a problem if we ended up still being trickle-fed some of the seasonal events the Japanese version got considering we didn't get anything quite like theirs (they had some distinct Halloween and Christmas events) nor do we have their same cast of hosts and guests who do host events. I don't quite know how many people it would take to really be "making" new content for a seasonal event in that case when the content was already done on the Japanese side.

Yeah good point, still these things can take a bit of time to translate over into an English version. In that case I would think the team required for that would be small if it's just porting language specific things. Whatever the case may be people might argue the content isn't really geared towards the global version for the events the Japanese servers have hosted.

Personally I could go either way on that regarding the exclusive JP content, the idea of them having their own exclusive events doesn't really bother me though I kinda would figure we'll get our own extra seasonal content that is exclusive to the Global version.. Why not right? If things happen to be a matter of it's not 'if they will' its 'if they can' due to potential license exclusivity rights over there then I think it's reasonable to think the NA servers will also eventually receive some content of it's own.

Harping back on what I said earlier, maybe it's at times fairly difficult to get enough Developers to sit down and work on specific content for it that will be approved. Anything that gets a lot of attention sucks up company dollars so if it's not a great content idea the team can all agree on its probably not out of the range of possibility that a lot of ideas don't make it into feature updates. This is just speculation on my part however It's totally plausible that SEGA Japan and SEGA NA are total besties and get along and agree with all decisions made on both sides behalf though I'm not counting on that to be the case 100% of the time of course. 😹

As far as new content goes the more the merrier has always been my sort of view of it though I see what you're saying regarding content pacing, just not something I've ever been too worried on.. more or less, I mean if they fix all major bugs or glitches in a massive update it works for me, other studios might prefer to update regularly and fast but at least once they add a big update a lot of is settled. (we hope)

Cool to hear they're hiring I guess. New creative minds for the team probably doesn't hurt overall. ..Unless they can't agree on creative decisions then in that case it hampers things a fair bit but preferably a decent outcome if they're staffing up on new devs and staff that's good news for the game.

@Redex click on the tasks tab and you will see mission pass in the box that comes up


Thanks for the heads up, good to know it is there. I've barely navigated the menus yet since I've just been running around and as of yesterday can now do the story mode. I have a million Star Gems to get rid of whenever I figure out what to sink those into.