Help understanding post mission party leader authority

In one Urgent quest instance a couple days ago I had joined a party that had placed a beacon right outside the boss portal. Every time after completing the mission I was asked if I wanted to continue with that same party, stoping me with prompt until everyone was ready to continue. Today, however, I joined a party the same way but instead of being asked, the party leader would initiate an Urgent Quest retry immediately. This would certainly streamline grinding UQs until I started missing out on loot because I was yanked from my instance before I could do any kind of item management. I eventually hod to quit because if I did not do what I wanted in 10 seconds, I would potentially lose out on loot.

Can someone please explain why there is this differentiation and how can I make sure that I am in the latter kind of party moving forward, thank you!

The difference is that in the former case, the leader was initiating the UQ by using the multi-block matching system (left button at the bottom when starting a Quest) while the latter was using the same-block matching system (right button); these options are also presented to you when you restart via the Telepipe on the Gateway Ship. The only way to really deal with this is to be the party leader.

@AndrlCh Thank you :). I'm wonder what you all like to use and why?

I just wait until everyone is in the camp ship before retrying, to let people loot first.

I was going to say, maybe it's just a courtesy issue haha.

Personally, when I place a Party Beacon, if I intend for fast restarts I will set mine to "Looking for EXP" and make sure that my party description notes that I am more interested in fast restarts/more runs over loot. Otherwise, yeah, I just wait until everyone is back in the Gateway Ship.