Communicate with your fellow ARKS Operatives while this campaign is active and receive a very special Mag Evolution Device! Read this article for more information.


The key to any good (ARKS) relationship is communication! Take advantage of the GROUP CHAT feature in PSO2 while the campaign is active and receive a special Mag Evolution Device based on the classic SEGA title Puyo Puyo!

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Campaign Dates: 03/31/2020 – 04/14/2020

group chat table.PNG

  • Requirement must be met from the end of maintenance on 03/31 until the beginning of maintenance on 04/14.

  • Rewards will be distributed after the scheduled maintenance on 04/28, they will be sent to the “Receive Campaign Items” of your Visiphone.

  • Campaign rewards need to be claimed before a set deadline. Visit your Visiphone in-game for more information about specific rewards.

Group Chat is a unique way to interact with your friends within Phantasy Star Online 2. When creating a Group Chat, simply assign players from your Friends List to the group; anyone who has joined is able to send and receive chat messages, and it does not require you to be in the same Party or Alliance!

Don’t miss out on the Green Puyo Mag Evolution Device and have a great day hanging out with friends in the Group Chat!

-The PSO2 Team