Those who defeat Phaleg in Duel side quest is a cheater.

PSO2 is full of cheaters and those who defeated Phaleg in Episode 4 Chapter 8 is a cheater.

Looks like this damn troll keeps coming back and deleting his accounts before getting banned, there needs to be a way to finally shut him up permanently!

I'm just going to start treating this troll like the spam bots and flag his threads until he finally gets banned from PSO2/NGS.

I did put in the survey to keep the forums alive since there is nothing that can replace how useful they are.

If you can dodge a Wrench you can dodge a Ball, if you can dodge a Ball you can dodge a Phaleg.

I'll have you know I worked hard to beat Phaleg, these days with Lv100 it's nowhere near as difficult but nobody's a cheater for hard earned effort.