NGS Headline Nov 2



Here we go again

No big reveals on the pages, nothing really mentioned on the roadmap - might just be an update on the state on operations, perhaps another campaign/event in November and once again previewing trailers for the new region in the Winter/December update.

Is there any new AC items in this update?

@Rain-Gnyu said in NGS Headline Nov 2:

Is there any new AC items in this update?

Take the opportunity to spend all your money to help SEGA, they need whales as you !

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@Rain-Gnyu said in NGS Headline Nov 2:

Is there any new AC items in this update?

Take the opportunity to spend all your money to help SEGA, they need whales as you !

I am not a whale......I just enjoy to game! It is a great game! Thank you Sega!

Lol.......Wrong chat

@Rain-Gnyu Stop embarrasing yourself already, nobody thinks you are any clever than us.


Here is a preview of zone. Please look forward to it.

Here is a preview of next UQ. Please look forward to it.

Here is a preview of new scratch items. Wow doesn't that look neat. Please look forward to it.

Here is a generic answer to some of the feedback we have received. Please look forward to it.

For dry, red eyes, use Clear Eyes. Wow. Please look forward to it.

I'm hoping we'll get more info on what will be in part 1 of the Dec update and maybe a taste of what will be in part 2. A lot is riding on this update regardless of the devs saying they're going to be making some big moves post Dec update. Personally I don't care about that statement until we get more concrete info on what that stuff is.

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another campaign/event in November

Sorry, I can't hear SEGA over the sound over New Horizons DLC.

It was not supposed to have a test for the schedule ?

I only look forward for the Retem region news in this headline, and the scratch line up. There seems to be nothing much in November. Maybe they would tease the next story in Retem, but they barely tease anything in the headline, either.

I find this hilarious that the times is "Tentative" while they first line mentions of a pre recorded broadcast.

And.... IDOLA: Phantasy Star Saga has announced it's closing it's JP servers January 2022. This is after the Traditional Chinese version closed earlier in October 2021. About a 3 year run for the JP servers.

To be fair, back when i still played on JP servers i only really played Idola like an "AFK RPG". Basically i'd just press a few buttons then the game would autobattle until im out of stamina, repeat till i got 10000 weekly Idola points, then exchange said points for weekly 115~ SG.

The game reveal was met with a huge sigh since it was a Phantasy Star series anniversary project. With a render of Stella and her medieval looking helm on the teaser site pretty much everyone was expecting a Phantasy Star 5. Instead we got yet another PSO2-tied Mobile gatcha where story characters, who are in your party according to the story, need to be rolled for. This was less jarring in PSO2es because you only had to roll for chips and not the characters themselves. The character you played as was actually your PSO2-made character with some Accessory restrictions. And PSO2es actually had more reason for JP players to interact with the game. Beyond Daily Loot, a lot of which is stuff you can only get from outdated content in the main game, you also had a mission type that rewarded you with All class weapons you couldn't get in the main game at all. Some fun builds were basically locked behind playing that game. PSO2es even gave you push notifications for upcoming UQ's an hour in advance if you had premium so it was legitimately useful just for that. And us Gaijin players could also get AC without hassle through a Paypal account thats linked to Google, rather than having to input cash cards, which meant its time for hiragana captcha.

Basically what I'm trying to say is idola was a dissappointing game that felt redundant and didn't offer any reason to play for PSO2 players outside the aforementioned weekly SG. I didnt even bother finishing Episode 1 story on the global release. Now that i can actually read the text the story is just jarring to get through. Meanwhile PSO2es gave us a midquel type of situation which is always fun to go through even if its just for lore.

NGSes when?

Honestly i'd be fully fine with them showing what the new class skills are and how the Wind/Light/Dark Techniques work. The techs are already in the game files and they look interesting but nobody really knows how they work. I really hope Wind isn't tied to Zanverse and isn't Weaksauce by design like it was in OG pso2. More depth in subclasses is always welcome too.

Can't wait for the announcements of forums closing as well as IDOLA Japan. So hyped. ._______________.