Recycle Badges broken

I converted 25 AC ticket items to recycle badges to save inventory space a while ago. Went to use them, and they are not registering as AC ticket items.

Please fix, as I had to spend 400,000ish to buy 4 ac ticket items for No Sticker item (to remove emblems from a outfit)

Not sure when they got broken. But I pretty sure they were working before last maintenance.

Yup this is a pig pain I did the same and there 100% useless right now needs a fix ASAP

Anyone have an idea when they should be fixed? I just bought a bunch and well...…. Can't use them.

also having this issue and I can't get any response from anybody regarding this issue and its really annoying because I've had to spend a lot of money buying AC items because I can't use the tickets that I have in my bank. can someone at least acknowledge this issue publicly instead of just ignoring us all the time?

I saw somewhere that there is a plan to fix this during the next maintenance. Obviously I have no idea if this is true or not but we can hope. Problem is I have no idea when that will be.

well if it's next maintenance that's going to be Tuesday

I just read through a few post and it looks like they possibly took them down cuz someone(s) found another way to get a bunch of them, someone posted they had seen people selling nothing but full stacks of the badges like that’s all they had in the shop.

actually that's not really surprising you can just turn AC items into recycle badges. so all that means is that they've spent a lot of money on AC ticket items or have spent a lot of money buying AC ticket items from the personal store. I do it literally all the time to save up recycle badges for color passes