Summoner is a much more complex class than people think, there's so many layers that trip up new players. I kept getting people asking for a guide on how to get started with Summoner, so I came up with this.

Video Guide:

This video covers: (Find these timestamps in the video description)

  • Getting your Harmonizer (Takt) and first pet
  • Applying a Pet Egg
  • Identifying Eggs
  • Equipping Pets & Skills
  • Leveling up your Pet
  • Pet Rarity Enhancement & Personalities
  • Using the Sweets Box & Compressing Sweets
  • Combat Basics
  • Recommended Skills
  • Obtaining 10✰ Pets with Collection Folders
  • 10✰ Pet Showcase
  • Releasing and Returning Pets to Eggs

If anyone has any more complex tips, I'm sure folks would love to hear them!