Really irritated... Game crash.

I'm quite pissed right now. Completed defeating the Dark Falz hands, then went to go complete the Elder Falz part 2. We kill Elder Falz and my game crashes right when I pop my boosters. I get no XP. No loot. No nothing. And the more irritating part is I cannot redo the mission until the next quest comes up because it says I have completed it.

I had this happen to me this evening as well. The game froze on the Rare Drop animation. In my case this was on a Trigger.

Just had this happen to me after killing SH Elder...and yeah it irritates me too.

Happens to me every single time I do this urgent quest, or trigger.

I also have been having this issue, consistently, for the past two days.

@DarkishErikErik I've had 5-6 people get kicked out of my parties the last few days on Elder. I feel it's the only place that it's happening on (when it comes to the cut scene after you've beaten him).