Battle dia purp. / yellow drope rate

Pls SEGA... do something with the droperate of the battledia shards... its ridicoules ... 5 shards for 1 trig with this droprate is too much and the loot from the purp. triggs are not rly worth it. i farmed 3 hours and got in 1 hour with 10% raredrop + mag + food 2 Purps and about 3 yellow... after this 1 hour i never got another shard. i got the feeling ur are forcing us to buy raredrop booster to get some shards at all. With this low rate it would be fair to lower the quantity from 5 to 1 shard to activate the trigger : /

with 10% raredrop booster and like i mentioned before. After the booster ran out, i never got another shard again for 2 hours.

If yellow should help to lvl. up faster... even this is wasted. i only got 1 shard from lvl1 till 20 (^.^)b So pls. do something : / 1 hour with mag + food (permium buff) + 50 % rare drop boost... 1 .... just 1 yellow 0 Purp.

@GM-Deynger can u give this to the devs? 5 shards for 1 Quest with this drope rate is way to much. -_- sry but u can get more gigas in the open field than with this : / Pls tell the Devs that they should lower the required number to 1 shard with this low droprate.