The Mission pass Looks great for a first pass, but I feel it is lacking in a few areas and can see things from both the F2P and Premium members view points listening and watching both player types on Youtube and my own experience.

First: the shop pass at tier 24 is a good spot for it, but do feel that a second pass should be optionally available as shop passes have little value to premium members. I would recommend adding a shop pass in the golden tier where one could say choose between another 3 day shop pass, or a special scratch ticket.

Second: add some star gems into the gold tier somewhere in the mid or higher tiers that is about 25 or 50 SG, with another 25 or 50 SG somewhere in the golden overdrive tier. This'll give the F2P players a reason to get and hold 100 SG for a pass and then use the Golden pass and their time in game to recover the cost of the SG, as SG is not as easily generated for F2P players in NGS.

Third: another ticket that could be offered in the golden tier is two pass tickets for the current SG scratch, so folks don't need to burn 2000 SG for a scratch to help get one item, as the SG cost for that ticket is currently too high (40 scartches, no way, make it 20 and folks may consider doing SG scratch) and this may help in making the handling of SG scratch tickets more pleasant for the players in many more ways.