Hello! We have a guides/info/tools/etc section on our discord (http://discord.gg/qQf5uDh) with a ton of information that gets updated daily. However, I know everyone isn't a fan of discord (That's OK!) or might prefer to have things here, so I figured I'd share some resources here as well (though joining the discord is recommended so you can ask questions and get help, and much more!).

General Tools

Website with guides/pages on most beginner/midgame PSO2 topics (and even some endgame ones!)

Translation differences between NA/JP, very useful for understanding JP resources

A skill simulator, perfect to showcase, share, and plan out skill tree builds

An affixing simulator, highly useful for planning how to upgrade weapons/units

English PSO2 wiki that can give information about items, enemies, weapons, etc.

Offers a wide range of information about grinding, gathering, and more

Japanese PSO2 Wiki that has extensive info on just about everything. Google translating the site works great.

If you've found any useful resources for PSO2, please post them here so everyone can benefit. Thank you!