Distinguish 7-9* and 10-12* drops

While we're able to tell the difference between 7-12* and 13+* drops, we can't tell the difference between 7-9* and 10-12*. The only way to tell there was a difference is using the "Display Rare Drop Animations" option in the Settings menu, and then try to search amongst 7-9* that have dropped and hope you get it. Can 10-12* (or 7-9*) be changed to a different color, perhaps blue, to make it easier to tell them apart?

I want this bad.

Are you talking about untekked weapons? because that's the point, right? you don't know if it's an excube unless you spend your meseta and tek them. Of course it would be awesome if we only grabbed 10* up SPECIAL WEAPONS. At least we can configure the sound, if there's reds but no sound, just ignore them.

In any case, any rank weapon can be valuable, sometimes more valuable than an excube, depends on the affixes it got, and tekked ones have always more afixes.

If that's really what they were going for, why weren't 13* and above also made red?

I'm also not denying that an 8 slot 7* can be valuable.

There's a setting that lets you turn off the notification "RARE DROP" for certain rarities and below. (Sound effect will still play.) Also, for 13+ Star gear, the "RARE DROP" text is supposed to turn rainbow. These both work/happen for ?SPECIAL drops (IE: gear you have to identify.) Even if it doesn't tell you their star rating when you pick the item up. The ?SPECIAL drops already have the meta data for what rarity they're going to be when they drop.

In addition, for VERY RARE rainbow rarity items, the "RARE DROP" text will bounce and the item in question will shine rainbow colors on the ground. (Collection File items also do this, but shine white.)

Note that I pointed out exactly the thing that you are talking about already in my own post, I keep it set to 10 star and above