Ark Rappy’s? ANY LUCK?!

I’ve seen tons of normal rare rappys and still haven’t stopped looking. But has anyone ran into the PSO Day rappys for a glimmer of hope? Lol

Yeah, they are up now, and should now replace all normal Rappies. I just saw a couple while running a SHAQ.

Hopefully some people will get Rappy Pet Eggs. So that they can actually be put on the market/etc.

@coldreactive Wait, Arks Rappies drop rappy pet eggs?! Or is that an NA exclusive thing because they're not going to release the anime DVDs over here? (On a related note, is the Itsuki Casual outfit in the NA version? That's part of my main's signature look)

@Mattwo7 On the JPN server, lv71+ ARKS Rappies drop 13☆ Rappy Eggs, but I'm not sure if it is part of the drop pool on NA at the moment.

And, no, currently that outfit is not available on the NA server.

@Mattwo7 said in Ark Rappy’s? ANY LUCK?!:

@coldreactive Wait, Arks Rappies drop rappy pet eggs?!

Yeah, the only way to get rappy pet for summoner through normal drops is high level rare rappies. But it's an extremely low chance. You use them on Summoner ify ou don't want to bother with anything other than auto attacks with your pet.

@coldreactive Actually no that's not the only way, you'd need to find an unopened copy of that one overpiced DVD of the first anime with only two episodes on it on Japanese eBay though. It was a promo item based on Aika's rappy pet.

@Mattwo7 That's the only way to get a 10☆ one. 13☆ ones drop from lv71+ ARKS Rappies and Episode 4 and 5 Raid Bosses. 14☆ ones drop from UH Free Fields/Expeditions and lv91+ Descente Draal.

They also put the rappy egg in the collection folders on JP that’s how I got mine

I can’t get the rappy suit to drop. Are we sure it’s in the game? Anyone get it?

@Jinxpalm yes, people have gotten it.

It is a 13*, so it is a very low rate.

Nice have you seen a pic? I’m curious how it looks. Also I’m guessing not sellable?

@Jinxpalm said in Ok I’ve killed like 100 ark rappies been running aqs all day:

Nice have you seen a pic? I’m curious how it looks. Also I’m guessing not sellable?

I'm not sure if it's sellable, but here's a picture of it from JP: alt text

Good luck!

Saw it in the lobby, dont see that person around right now.

Anyone know a great way to farm rappies?