HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU NEED TO BEAT Raging Obsidian Arm to run the Elder of the Abyss ???????

A couple questions on Urgent Quest Elder of the Abyss.

  1. How many timed do you have to beat Raging Obsidian Arm to have the option to run the Elder of the Abyss?

  2. If you beat Raging Obsidian Arm and then beat Elder of the Abyss can you run Raging Obsidian Arm again then beat Elder of the Abyss all in the same 30 minutes???

  1. Once.
  2. Nope. The two quests are never active at the same time. Arms runs for 30 minutes, then Elder runs for the next 30 (and you can only do Elder once).

Just because you technically don't need to run it more than once doesn't mean you shouldn't keep running it. If not enough Arms are defeated within the 30 minutes, the UQ will fail and the second phase with Elder will not start.

@PrinceBrightstar Why is the Generations remix of Escape from the City playing? lolwut... 😕

@Mattwo7 He may have recorded this during one of the Sonic Anniversary events. PSO2 does seasonal things and special events and each year we get one for Sonic, there's rings to collect in the shop area and statues of all of the characters, and an EQ where "I am the Eggman" plays. fun stuffs

@A4Angel No, the audio is swapped out, plus the event lobby music changes to the Urgent/Emergency Quest music like the normal lobby music. Also "E.G.G.M.A.N." ("I am the Eggman" is a completely different song by The Beetles entirely unrelated to Sonic) was an old Easter Emergency Quest BGM.

This was recorded before the Raid Boss Quest music was implemented. There was a year or two before that was implemented on the JP side.

Oh I see.

The 2 posts about this UQ/EQ are hilarious lol.

I sadly can't remember when they changed it in the JP version, but they removed the requirement of participating in the Arms Phase in order for you to unlock the Elder battle. Now you can sit out the Arms Phase and just do Elder only. (Probably still need the ship to defeat enough Arms for Elder to appear.)

I would imagine this being the exact same for the NA version, hearing stories that they are using the latest/recent PSO2 Client and all? Sadly not owning a XBOX One myself and therefor unable to test it, but if anyone is willing to sacrifice his/her Elder UQ for the greater good to look into this matter. Please be my guest, be my eyes and ears goose. 😸

(Perhaps it has something to do with Omega Elder. I can't remember.)

Thanks for all the info on this quest