[Ship 2] FalzBrotherhood Is Recruiting

We are a group of players from Phantasy Star Univers and PSO2(JP) players bringing together both old and new Arks together. Our goal in our Alliance is to:

  • Maintain a positive environment for all

  • Party activities daily

  • Help people understand the game

  • Look good while doing it(Fashion Star Online 2)

There are no level requirements or skill requirements to join, but we do ask that you keep some form of activity with the Alliance. We all have lives and we understand that just keep in touch now and then. If you are looking for an active place to call home then we welcome you into our home with open arms.

For any more information contact:

  • Gamertag: ItsJusSwifty - In-Game: Xemni
  • Gamertag: Nardic14 - In-Game: Nardic
  • Gamertag: XGN SaTaNsRaGe - In-Game: Nestirl

We are still taking active players to join. I will be on most of the day if anyone has any questions.