Cofy Difficulty Trial 2 completed, still no Very Hard access.

Pretty sure this falls under a bug issue. I have had 2 long term characters. The first one unlocked Very Hard and up with no issue, however, the second one has just completed Cofy's Difficulty Trial 2 order and the ability to go into Very Hard is still locked. Is there something that can be done to fix this? I really want to keep playing this character, but it will become a pointless endeavor if I cannot get into later game contents. I am thinking that having difficulties locked to orders is a bad idea. Personally, level threshold like the old PSO would be less prone to bugs that prevent progression. Anyhow, thanks for your time and hopefully this can be fixed.

The only reason I have confusion is because my other character was able to enter very hard at around level 25 or so. This character is level 37. In the recent patch, did the level requirements get changed to where I have to be level 40+ to get into very hard areas?

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@Dreadnaut227 Very Hard has always been lv40+, even from the beginning of the CBT. It was either a bug that you were able to enter VH at lv25, or you are simply misremembering.

@Dreadnaut227 must be 40+ as stated above.

There is no getting around this requirement, but you can have a subclass that is under level 40.