Name and Premium error

The first error is my name displays PN928229143 oppieer to Xeunosa in alliance chat.

The second error is premium set 30 day was activated however I have none of the listed features. I keep getting reminded to purchase it when I try to access any features


@Xeunosa the name that displays in alliance and private chat is your player ID, not your character name (by default, you can change this in the options menu).

Use this guide to change player id:

For premium, you have to "use" the item in your inventory for it to become active. If you already did so, submit a ticket and try to remember the time you used it.

I did use the item. I just dont have the features

Having trouble submitting ticket

@Xeunosa what trouble are you running in to?

Where I's the ticket section

Go to the "Support" menu at the top of this screen, "Contact us", "contact us now", sign in with your XBOX account, then at the top right "Submit a Request."

Thanks I made a ticket a while ago. Hopefully it gets resolved. I dont mind buying it if I cant get it solved but it's just inconvenient being on low income