Bringing Ragol back

Dear Sega, I am a long time fan of the PSO series it would be amazing if you could bring Ragol back in a remake version as a battledia mission to honor the pso lagecy. Ep1 & EP2 men so mutch for the people bring them back as a vr or battledia so new players can experience. Forest, Cave, Mine, Ruin, seabed, ancient Ruins, Gal Island with the old bosses in a new version. I think bringing Ragol back with old gear and armor as end content would bring many people back and would make the game mutch better sincierly an old redria Fomar.

Normally I'd be for this, but no. Oracle/PSO2/NGS doesn't deserve the blessings of Ragol. (Being semi-sarcastic) Just re-release PSOBB and throw in Episode 3 alongside it.

Ahh, Ragol.. gone but not forgotten are their tragedies.

..I was campaigning for a re-release of Eternal Tower from 0 for PSO2 a while back, or something like that since it's a bit different from challenge mode.