EU How to claim perks from gamepass ultimate!

As this method was not clearly visible in the other thread.

Ok finally done it so for EU players to claim the ultimate perks I used my mobile was much easier....

Open your store and download a VPN app i got this app (Free VPN - Anonymous Online with fast VPN Server) Its logo is a little blue box with a key in it and free in the top left side of the icon.

After installing launch and select a US server from the list i used US002 and press the green start button to run it.

Now if you have not already download the Xbox gamepass for mobile app and launch it.

Click on your profile or sign in tab (bottom right) and log in.

Once logged in in the same tab (profile) click the cog in the top right and scroll down to language and location select it and change both the United States.

Now click the home tab (bottom left) and make sure console is selected and has a green line under it.

As you scroll down you should see perks and phantasy star showing simple click it and select redeem. (it will then give you your code)

Copy the code from the perks menu and go back to settings from within the gamepass app and select 'redeem code' (Thanks @CyberCitizen3)


Credits to @PennilessImp749 and @Mephala-69 for both testing this on PC and Mobile!

You are welcome, Thanks for making this simple and easy to follow instructions.

It works! Thanks a lotcasa man!