Collaboration with Bioware for Mass Effect glamour!

Think about it! We are space explorers in a futuristic fantasy world... What other games is like that? Well you might be able to name many... But, what about Mass Effect?

I think there should be a collaboration with Sega and Bioware to give us Mass Effect glamour. Some of you might want to rock in N7 Armor or have N7 Valkyrie as your weapon camo.

MEAN7.png N7Valkyrie.png

The Mass Effect series has many types of armors and weapons to pick from... What gear would you want see? If there was any collab? You could pick things from Turian, Krogan, Kett, Geth, Remnant, etc. styles of gear.

Hey, a skintight suit is an improvement over the oversized, overdesigned armor/clothing full of pointy/clipping ornaments that you may or may not be able to hide. Still, that's pretty close to mates quarter, only difference being sweet symmetry.

What to add? CAST parts to become Geth.

Not like anything like this would ever happen, but eh.

There would be a few Tali acosplayers for sure. I'd actually be ok with this. But the likelihood is slim to none, considering the licensing process is long, and oftentimes quite expensive for SEGA.