Laced Striped Tights: Pink [Bug]

Ran into a bug today after purchasing this item from the shop and using it. For some reason it does not appear in the salon for use on my end.

I went ahead and bought a cheaper innerwear item to see if it happened again and it worked fine. So I tried one last time and bought the laced striped pink and still no luck.

Just wanted to give people a heads up. I'm down over 1,000,000 meseta because of the bug right now.

The salon now shows an exclamation mark over my previous inner wear i had already unlocked so something is going on.

TLDR: Unlocked Laced Striped Tights: Pink, two times and after purchasing it does not show as an option in the salon under inner wear.

It’s not a innerwear it’s a Body paint

There is a Laced innerwear but there is also a body paint called laced striped tights