The player LazerRay is a piece of trash who needs to shut up and get reported.

Listen, if any of you run into that bitch, LazerRay, report his harassing ass. He is a ratboy who does nothing but stalking certain players and is stalking my homie. For once, get that fucker reported. Also, he is the perpetrator of why the PSO2 forum is ruined via toxicity. Once again, the stupid moronic asshead ratboy's name is LazerRay. <-Report that SOB.

@DarkReaperXZX This type of behavior you are displaying isn't allowed in these forums, let alone in the game. Your post will likely get locked, or erased. If you are being harassed in game by another player, and have proof, please report them through the proper channels, by submitting a support ticket.

Looks like another alt of a certain troll just hit my blocklist, attacking people with hate threads is a huge red flag to the GMs!


Please note that we will be closing this thread to avoid flaming. Thank you!