How to zoom out?

I don't know if this has been answered. Icannot find anything on this topic.

How do I adjust the camera? It's far too close to my character. Anytime I fight something big my camera is constantly "in" the enemies. I rarely see what is actually going on because my camera is so close that it's always in my toon or whatever I'm fighting

You can use cameras, or you can use the + / - on the numpad on a keyboard I believe. But this might be different in the NA version, because the trigger / tab button to "show you where client orders are turned in" isn't tab in the JP version.

Yeah I'm on NA version. Do you know is the JP PS4 have the camera controls? Maybe NA might have something similar?

If you have a keyboard plugged in, numpad +/- should still work even on XBox. If you don't, you probably have to go into Control Settings and set those functions to some buttons to get your desired camera distance, then change them back. But keep in mind, the zoom levels of the normal camera do not have that much range.

That's something that I need to try. I didn't even think of that since I don't have a keyboard. I didn't look any deeper. Thanks

how do we zoom out in pc? pardon my necro

@Kwars01 + - * and / on the numpad are used to adjust the camera on PC.

@AndrlCh what if we dont have a numpad?

@Kwars01 Then you can remap those functions from the in-game control settings.