What Weapons?

I'm just curious about which Assault Rifle and Launcher I need to focus on maxing out. I see a few Assault Rifle around but I'm just not sure which one is the one I should be going for. I don't wanna waste a lot of time powering up a weapon when it's not even the best one I can work on. Thanks guys.

I personally recommend grinding up whatever weapons you're currently using, it will still be helpful as you run harder COs and quests. Don't worry too much about affixing abilities until you're at lvl 70 - 75 and have found a weapon that you like/has a lot of power (depending on if you really care about super max damage output) That's when you can start saving up for really max grinding THAT weapon.

i progressed thru my levels with lambda schwann+30 > red rifle +20 > Infinite Corundum +20 > Avenger +18 (currently) those are assualt rifles of course. people might have better suggestions for launchers.

I went Red Rifle +20 -> Nox +20 -> Yamoshnikov 7v +35 for Rifles. I heard theres some 12 star Rifle (Elder Rifle) right now that's pretty good as well if you have the Moving Snipe passive maxed.

For Launcher I just used whatever I could until Nox then swapped to Shooting Drive.

Haven't really noticed any huge difference in overall "feel" or "performance" of different assault rifles aside from just raw attack level. At the moment though I'm running the Yasminkov 3000 at +35 and have a Lambda Schwann sitting in storage until I get around to leveling it up high enough (as while its base RNG ATK stat is around 250 points higher I've invested so much into the Yasminkov that it's currently 100+ points higher). Been sticking with the Yasminkov simply because I like the look of it. Probably try to turn it into a transmutation once I get a higher powered rifle. Rather like the look of the Atlas Drache and Shinonome Raitei as well. But the current list of available weapons (at least that I've seen) seems rather limited.