RE: Speak in the group chat to receive an item Campaign

Question regarding the new line up of offers this month. Specifically, the "Speak in the group chat to receive an item Campaign." Does this mean a specific group chat or any group chat that we create with friends or alliance members? No one seems to really know.


It is specifically referencing the Group Chat feature that you can access from the Chat Settings menu: alt text alt text alt text

So as long as you create or join a Group Chat and type something into the Chat Channel, you should qualify.

@AndrlCh thank you for the tutorial but I am already in a few group chats! I was just wondering if the award for doing so was immediately given or given on that date. I hadn't seen it pop up yet nor have I seen any more info regarding it.


@I-did-camp From the campaign post:

"Rewards will be distributed after the scheduled maintenance on 04/28, they will be sent to the “Receive Campaign Items” of your Visiphone."