So what sword should I be working toward?

What's the best sword in the OBT so far and where does it drop?

Well i will tell you what i have lightning espada sword of revo and the knox weapon i don't see the point in wasting money on upgrading them maxed cost a lot to upgrade 13 stars weapons. Lightning badge shop same with knox sword of revo shaq super hard advance quests i got one running with my allaince but had the aq over 10 plus. Idk if there is better stuff than them.

Of the two 13☆ Swords that I can recall are in the OBT, here's the breakdown:

Sword Revolsio:

  • Where to Obtain: Super Hard Advanced Quests (Risk +10 or higher) Forest, Volcanic Caves, Tundra, Ruins, Abandoned Mine
  • ~1486MEL @ +30
  • Potential: 8% Damage bonus when performing a Perfect Attack

Lightning Espada:

  • Where to Obtain: Unique Weapon Badge Exchange
  • ~1513MEL @ +30
  • Potential (Photon Sphere): 23% Damage Bonus and 1% HP Absorption (up to 50HP per hit) when attacking an enemy that is weak to Light or Lightning
  • Potential (Weaponoid Booster): 5% Damage Bonus and 7% PP Recovery increase with a successful Perfect Guard, can stack up to 15% Damage Bonus and 20% PP Recovery; Damage Bonus and PP Recovery are reset when you take Damage outside of a Guard

Got it, thanks for the info.