The Mission Pass is a dissapointment...

Like what the hell? They just put the default starting outfits as a Gold mission pass rewards with different colors. Seriously? Is that all? Man, thats lazy.

To be honest I was more interested in the Special Scratch tickets due to the same observation. Also really liking that you can change the look of your mag for free now. I am pretty sure that was not the case in base PSO2. I had several mag looks stored, so I got to use them to unlock a whole slew of looks for all of my characters and free up stash space at the same time. Minor thing, but I really liked it.

The bouncer class is nice to have back, been wanting to see how that would do with the Fighter.

Hopefully it gets better as time goes on. The current player numbers have gone up, Ship 1 had nearly 3 full blocks yesterday, first time in over a month.

@Frathlir I understand, and I am glad for they added more content finaly, but I wish they would put effort into the mission pass, It's really lazy.

I agree, more content would be nice. I'd rather have more stuff to do in game instead of cosmetics myself, but it's good to finally to see some effort going into the game.

But yeah overall I agree, the recolours are pretty lazy.

Been mentioned in other threads that the NGS Mission Pass is most likely taking the JP Mission Pass approach which the outfits were just recolors of older outfits, contains no SG, and I haven't actually checked the SG shop but you had to buy the gold pass each season as it is not included in premium.

Base PSO2's Mission Pass wasn't great, but NGS is another level of bad. It's full of junk. Why does everything about NGS have to be a downgrade from PSO2? Can't they actually try and improve on things?

1 Alpha Reactor is just taking the piss. Remember Izane Crystals from PSO2 that gave you 50,000 meseta? Yeah, what a great substitute this is.

I don't particularly enjoy that the N mission pass isn't included with premium and that you don't get SG from the pass. However considering the frequency they chuck SG at us (should that stay consistent) it might not be a big deal in the end. I just have to be conservative when spending SG on pulls for the SG scratches.

Beyond that I don't particularly like that there's only 1 shop pass in there. I might be a bit more comfortable with it if the special scratch had shop passes in it but it doesn't. It still feels like they're being rather stingy with F2P players. Maybe they didn't want to give everyone the ability to explode the market immediately and we'll get more ways to get passes as time goes on. Who knows.

Other than those two things i'm pretty indifferent on the pass. It has some nice things. But at least unlike mission passes on global I don't feel the urge to rush this one to completion.

Sage has to make money some how community. This is the 1st rollout of the New mission pass. Sega 1st goal is to make a great if not Epic game and their 2nd goal is to turn F2P players into paying customers. They have to make money to create content, they have to feed their families too. Us as a community have to get out of that mentality of something for nothing concept. It’s going to ruin the MMO industry if we keep complaining and not truly analyzing the give and take system.

Their is not enough whales in this game to offset the free to play players and to were both side are satisfied.

@Rain-Gnyu they’re failing at both aspects

Yes the rewards are not great and i agree with most of the comments. (except the trolls of course)

This game is a descent into hell, it is a regression on all levels.

it's a bit repetitive but they could have offered more pass for the market the clothes of this game are a real garbage, there is no effort made and did you see the shape of the MAG at the end ?

what is this thing ??!!

Yeah, a big thing to keep in mind here is that the Global Mission Pass only existed how it did because it had a ton of PSO2 backlog of content it had to push through, those items weren't made for the pass. So it makes 100% sense that the new mission pass kinda sucks in comparison, in regards to outfits/accessories offered.

The only thing that makes me sad about it is that the pass doesn't offer SG. Part of what was nice about the old pass was you could either get a minor amount of SG from it (if you never bought Gold), or if you bought the Gold pass you'd make back exactly enough SG to buy the next time's Gold as well. Now, you don't get any SG, so I guess you have to hope that you get SG from the Special Scratch or something to recoup the SG cost.

Called this one multiple times. This is all a consequence of PSO2's Mission Pass being generous with the cosmetics in Global as a way to alleviate more of the content backlog, except the part where Mission Pass got decoupled from Premium earlier this year which I knew people would forget came with a price drop too.

We really shouldn't expect 8 newly debuting outfit/part sets each season not because NGS was worse, but because PSO2 was doing that to play a game of catch-up it never got close to finishing.

Quick summary of the Mission Pass's key rewards:


  • 2 Stamps (both Normal)
  • 1 Mag form (Normal)
  • 3 Choices of Chain Belt, Chain Bracelet and Bound Devil Wings (all Gold)
  • Several choices of default outfit recolours (Gold)
  • 1 N-Color-Change Pass (Gold)


  • 6 Special Scratch Tickets (3 Normal, 3 Gold)
  • 50 N-Mission Badges (25 Normal, 25 Gold)


  • 1 Personal Shop 3-day ticket (Normal)


  • 3 Sets of ten Ael Note A/B/C/D (Gold)
  • 1 Set of ten Melra/Meltech/Ratech Dualble III (Gold)
  • 1 Set of ten Might/Precision/Technique III (Gold)
  • 1 Set of ten Daityl/Pettas/Nex Soul II (Gold)
  • 2 Sets of five Trigger/Ael Yellow (both Gold)
  • 3 N-EX-Cube (Gold)

Everything else I consider to be consumable filler - including the 6 Alpha Reactors (21k) in Gold tiers when everyone can get 392 of them (1.372m) from the ground during the season.

Cosmetically we've lost a lot; the outfits were a given and we don't have NGS rooms for the old tier 12 furnishing to be useful, but I'm a little surprised we've also lost an emote and all weapon camos as well. I know for-playing emotes disappeared from campaigns but I was hoping Mission Pass would be their way to return to NGS.

I'm relieved after the Headline preview that we don't have to choose accessories to never get, as the same three are present in three Gold tiers. On the other hand if there are over run tiers I can easily imagine one of those being a fourth choice so we'd have to choose one to account-bind and two to not. That exposes us to the risk of making the same mistake as PSO2 Global's version where eventually one but not all of the options return meaning there is a "wrong" choice. Hopefully NGS passes aren't that badly designed.

Gold tickets cost 100 SG, so are the Gold tier rewards in the above list worth 100 SG overall? Probably. But it does feel a little like they might be forgetting how one purpose of a battle pass system is to give people a big desirable reason to keep logging into and playing a game to support its player numbers. Maybe that's what the mag device in tier 30 was meant to be? If so they might benefit from improving that a bit.

Perhaps the benchmark for a battle pass's appeal should be if you can imagine it being compellingly advertised with an image showcasing its headline rewards. I'm not sure that could really be done with this collection.

What I'm actually more bugged by is those 50 N-Mission Badges, or the ability to recycle unwanted cosmetic rewards into N-Mission Badges.

As far as I can find, N-Mission Badges have one purpose in the Travis shop, which is to get more Special Scratch Ticket. Even ignoring how unfavourable the rate is (if you recycle all cosmetics in a season you get barely enough for one Special Scratch Ticket), why aren't there other cosmetics available for N-Mission Badges directly like in PSO2?

Knowing how PSO2 (in both JP and Global) offered capsules for the god affixes for Mission Badges, many players are just going to leave N-Mission Badges sitting in their storage indefinitely. If NGS ultimately does the same it'll leave players who exchanged them for Special Scratch Tickets (or started NGS later) behind, and if it doesn't then those players will have held onto these badges for nothing.

I know it makes the rewards feel less diverse but I'd have preferred for the rewards to have just been Special Scratch Tickets directly and either nix Mission Badges or call them Special Scratch Ticket Pieces to collect enough of to make a full ticket. Calling them Mission Badges implies an uncertain future we have no right way to prepare for.

On the other hand...

@Rain-Gnyu said in The Mission Pass is a dissapointment...:

Sage has to make money some how community.

This doesn't really enter into it. They seemed to make money just fine for the year before NGS when some of the things described in this topic hadn't been taken away yet.

The outfits being recolors and no SG was pretty much expected given that's how they worked before under normal conditions (global wasn't normal).

What's a surprise is (more) special scratch tickets, especially considering they can contain items like the Aeros Face which ran for up to 160 USD on global, for free (iirc on JP it was a normal scratch item though? might be wrong cause i didn't check just now, but if so that's still really good especially given that aeros face is a Good Item and they appear to be acknowledging the items they're rerunning are also rare (but that might be me reading too much into what they said?)). Between old scratch items for free and "new" outfits for the mission pass, I'd say the two are actually about even (scratch items normally a bit behind in quality, but because in this case it's making limited items less limited i'm giving it extra points).

@Rain-Gnyu said in The Mission Pass is a dissapointment...:

Sage has to make money some how community. This is the 1st rollout of the New mission pass. Sega 1st goal is to make a great if not Epic game and their 2nd goal is to turn F2P players into paying customers. They have to make money to create content, they have to feed their families too. Us as a community have to get out of that mentality of something for nothing concept.

Sega also has to get out of that mentality of getting something for nothing concept. They haven't given us any real content besides 2 new classes and 2 sub par 'events' that were nearly 100% identical to each other. Even with 2 new classes, there's nowhere new to explore, no new monsters to battle, nothing new to do in the game. It's the same endgame as the original classes, just with some different Photon Arts to use. I haven't really seen a reason to spend money in this game given what's been done with it so far.

If they want to make money, they have to create content that players want to play in a game players want to spend their happy gaming time playing.

Once again the one selection limit is really strange. Are these just color swap variants?