I don't understand why is soaring blades weapon action provides no guard/counter.

At current state, soaring blades is even worse than katana. Not damage wise but combat usability wise. I tried it on Nex Vera and I was absolutely getting destroyed left and right because I either got attack animation locked or trying to guard/counter with weapon action only to shoot out photon blades and take full damage. This is actually worse than base pso2 Bo's soaring blades because none of the problems that got solved in scion class Etoile later is presented in NGS soaring blades. They add more problems in NGS!!! For some mysterious reason, the PA animation of this weapon is soooooooooooooo long just like base pso2 which the majority of players end up dropping this class. At least in base pso2, Bo's soaring blades wa gives dodge with cancel, and Et's wa gives guard to prevent being interrupted. Yet in NGS, we get NONE!??????

Photon blades fever makes ZERO sense in NGS because wa cannot be used while attacking even with normal attack, so when I use this skill, I just spam the hell out of wa?????????

To my understanding of the weapons designed in NGS so far, weapon action's main function is supposed to be a defense utility button to support combat, but soaring blades is literally a suicide weapon to use on active boss battle. Swords can guard, guns can dodge, even rod and wand can guard. Why can't I protect myself with dual swords? Why do the devs think it's okay? To think that the weapon is so flawed it needs to multi-weapon with something else is just sad.

Yes it's bad and horrible, I already didn't like these weapons very much but now it's even worse.