Is anyone else having a issue with using exp booster?

Hey all, I'm not sure where this go in term of forum rules and all but me and another both cant seem to use any exp boosters. This has just started being a issue since the last update. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, and if its a real issue, do the people that need to know know of this issue?

Have you checked if you already have an exp booster active, and for how long? I seem to remember it does not let you stack certain boosters past a certain limit.

EXP Boosters cannot stack with eachother, but can stack with tri-boosts. When you attempt to use an EXP booster while one is active (even if the new one is a higher boost), it will ask if you want to overwrite it.

You also can't use boosters in the lobby. You have to be in the campship or in the field to use em.

Goes here be sure to also file a support ticket.

@Lord-Bungie can confirm it is not allowing time stacking anymore (using multiples of the same percentage).

Thank you all for your feedback. I should of posted a screenshot and been more specific to which booster(s) I was using but I did fix it in case anyone else might have this problem. Just close down the game via Xbox button, options then quit. Problem goes away once game is relaunched.