Alliance symbol art on accessories

I would love to see a feature to add your alliance symbol art onto the alliance accessories or even a new premium one made specifically for making symbol art on I know many of us want to rep the alliance we are in and having the alliance symbol art on accessories is perfect for that

@Ephemeral-Opus I like the idea (anything that involves true personalization and truly unique customization appeals to me) but the unfortunate and inherent problem with such a feature is that there is no "quality control" department. SAs aren't submitted to a panel of analysts to check for issues before being approved for use. Which is why Personal Shops and SA chats are a veritable cesspool of scattered ass and tits everywhere. Which is irritating enough (not to mention a violation of ToS and Xbox Code of Conduct) without that same imagery being literally flashed all around every public space. And if there was any feature for choosing where these "decals" are placed, I can pretty much guarantee it would only be a matter of hours, if not mere minutes, before unsavory players were using it to pornify their characters.

If there was a proper "vetting" process to weed out (and properly punish) anyone trying to abuse such a system, I would be all for it.

@zaffy2005 I can't even imagine what some of the private team rooms must look like with those monitor displays... :$

@Mattwo7 I'd prefer not to even try.