Some features don't work any longer since recently

I have noticed that SAs have started to work only in private conversations. Is that a bug or an intended change?

Also, since this update today, I cannot change my online status to a custom title. Is that a bug or an intented change?

The symbol arts have been disabled in public chat for a while already, but I don't know anything about the online status, yesterday it was working fine before maintenance.

So online status doesn't work for you as well?

As for symbol arts: does the disabling in public chat have to do with the bots spaming SAs and/or in order to promote stamps?

I didn't try out changing my online status yet (will do it once I log in). For the symbol arts, they have been disabled in the general chat because of what you just pointed out, and also for being used to show explicit and sexually offensive content, which is against the rules... hopefully symbol arts will return someday.

Alright, please give feedback if you also have the same issue with custom status

How long have custom SAs existed? And has the problem with bots spaming SAs been new or did it exist prior to stamps/NGS times as well?

@Noboru Symbol Arts were not spammed until New Genesis as frequently as they were to warrant their temporary removal. However in the past, depending on the blocks you go to (Blocks 34 and 69 for example) you would often be met with players who use the lewd symbol arts for a reaction or because they casually can.

Symbol Arts are a very fun feature Sega created where you can take shapes, color them, and shift them around to recreate pictures. You would have seen a great deal of these for fun, for memes, and as a means of expressing something without words. You definitely would have seen these for something as simple as someone posting up a mini-guide on where to prioritize a boss, to highlight an attack you should be ready to dodge/evade, or to rally up players to beat on a boss that is downed or vulnerable. I enjoyed my time making some of these of my characters in-game reactions (such as a "thank you for the party" symbol art).

The most recent update gave players the option to finally enable or disable Symbol Arts in specific chats so you can block them from private messages or public messages while keeping them on in parties and the likes. This particular feature is long overdue but was something pushed on because of its abuse in the Global version (Sega sponsored some streamers to play the game and they were met with the inability to disable chat functions and symbol arts from people who were trolling them to the point the videos were removed to protect the streamers and their channels).

@Noboru Check your chat/sound options

@Armada-San SA have been re-enabled for normal display as of this maintenance, but its defaulted to not recieve area SA that come from un-friended players.

Those are not set off by default, you just need to turn them on.

Ah I've found the setting, thanks:

ffeae6c2-663c-4d08-aaa9-1d27654e6b5a-image.png Can see my own SAs again in public chat

Now the question remains as to what happened to the custom status

@Noboru The custom status option is with those if youre in NGS lands option menu. Dunno where it is in PSO2s.

Did they forget it in base?

@AngryRhombus563 said in Some features don't work any longer since recently:

@Noboru The custom status option is with those if youre in NGS lands option menu. Dunno where it is in PSO2s.

I use it via shortcut menu, but it seems to be working again, at least it's displayed for me again

Also neat that you can disable stamp sounds

@Weirdo: check if it works for you, it somehow started to work again after using it while in a party, but it works now even when I'm alone