solo zone/rooms ? :x

Hello ! alright much posting from me today !

So, I was wondering if we could get private zones/rooms ? I mean i get it that it's an MMO and "MMO should be played with other people blabla" but we'd still get to play with others for UQs, new battledia quests ( at least the purple ones ), gigantix and whatnot. but I think that lots of people would enjoy being able to play in the leveling zones ( mainly grinding PSE bursts ) alone, first of all because PSE levels mechanics are frustrating enough without a player coming to ruin your day, but also because those zones are already unchallenging enough when you're alone, so with multiple players you don't get to enjoy the brilliant combat system at all, that's a shame 😕 also going at your own pace / afking every 5 mins because you're looking something up on internet or something can be enjoyable but it feels weird to do so with people speedrunning PSE bursts next to you x')

So yeah, are private rooms a possibility or is it a technical nightmare ?

Given how empty most channels have become, I'd say that it's been rather easy to find at least the possibility to do PSE bursts on your own

@Noboru eeeh not sure I agree with that, with the update i didn't see an empty channel those last few days 😕 i agree that a bit before that though it was more than common.. it would be cool to have a guarantee that you won't be bothered though, because eventually there's always that random guy that's gonna come in and ruin your fun x'D ( again i enjoy playing with people for challenging events, but the PSE zones are already unchallenging, multiple players is just a wreckfest )

@Remik: You're right, it doesn't feel as empty as the weeks before, but it's only a question of time until it becomes emptier again

Actually, the PSE burst mission is easy enough as is imho