First of all, i just wanna say: big fan. You guys nailed it out of the park with the combat, the open world, the multi weapon, and so much more..

and i'm excited to see how this plays out.. cuz.. you see, i know that dark falz is coming.. i don't know how, when, or who will be his vessel this time.. but i know we are in the beginning calms of an invasion from the dollz.. and they have only sent their scouting teams.. we still have to fight their real warriors. and nex vera is proof of dark falz' influence already corrupting the local fauna. again.. so excited 10/10!

However, here are some things i think would improve the game across the board:

1: change the leveling up system.. i've debated on this back and forth but here's the logic: a person logs on for the first time.. goes about leveling as normal.. realizes this grants him no skill points.. asks about.. someone offers to run him thru the trials.. aand boom.. end of line.. nothing to look forward to as far as class creation as we literally can get all the class customization we're gonna get in an hour.. no more pouring over skill sheet planning next skill point.. no more salivating over that skill you just can't wait to unlock.. they are all unlocked.. before level 10..

my suggestion: make leveling like before were you get points at certain levels.. and use the trials as "bonus" points that can be put anywhere (example: ranger levels ranger by playing ranger.. but by doing trials he can either boost his main class or secondary class skill points.. essentially making it where one places those trial points one of the defining mechanics that individualize char abilities/stats/ whathavewhatever.

2: make urgest quest announcements ring across both pso2 and pso2 ngs signalling all players to all uqs.. this will allow players to not feel so hesitant to play one half of the game.. for example, i would like to finish out some bouncer gear.. but when i log on i need to wait till an uq pops that way i ensure i'm not missing relevant rares.. plus, it will only add to player engagement as there is content that players would engage in but the current system simply doesn't inform them of said content when it is available

3: regarding base pso2.. i feel like since a lot of the systems of gameplay have been stripped, it would be awesome if you made up for it in other ways.. here's some suggestions that could improve base pso2, give it more reasons for being visited now that low level gear out stats the gear found there, and a lot of the stuff there has no bearing on the ngs side i don't see the harm.. here is what i think: a: rooms and shops and trading are unlocked for all players. this will keep engagement up in that lobby as it is finally the game it should have been from the start but monetization got in the way (don't fault you, but still.. . no trading among friends in a loot game with out paying cash? ridiculous.. what would sonic do?) not only will that allow more camaraderie to develop but it will also allow you to continue making room sets and selling them as people can still show off their rooms.

4: regarding multi-weapons: i would suggest making one of the low tier series inexpensive to create multi weapons.. that way ideas could be tested before dropping 200k on the process not including any costs obtaining weapons/augments.. only to realize that the combo doesn't work as good as it did in your head (rocket/ rod was one of mine.. realize afterwards that rod adds nothing and coulda got more from either wand or talis, since i merely wanted rocket /techs.. weapon still sits in inventory as reminder of my dumb affliction

5: been said but saying it too: tracking system put in place to find fruits, meats, ores, and such much like what happens when you have a gather quests and choose to put it on tracking

6: make separate banks for pso2 and ngs.. why? cuz if a person played from launch on pso2 they already have a bank full of goodies.. so where are we supposed to put our new goodies? if you tell me buy a bank slot to have basic banking abilities in ngs because i have a collection of pso2 stuff not usable in ngs, i'mma tell you that is just silly.. since there are things that can be usable in both base and ngs, i would suggest:

default bank: usable by all.. and holds anything pso2 reg: this holds items only usable in pso2 ngs reg: this holds items only usable in pso2 char: much like default but char specific material holds all materials from both games but is granted to player as a quality of life tool.. you ask us to do all this gathering of materials.. and then tell us that if we don't give up money we have to choose between weapons/gear and such or the materials we need.. that's not very cash money. the better solution is allow all players the ease of gathering and usage of materials that comes with the bag, plus it will earn good will from players when you're not nickel and diming them every where you can (little tip: we will make you want to pay by taking away simple yet standard quality of life systems such as trading in a loot game, material storage when asked to collect massive amounts of materials, character slots so a person can experience your game in as many ways as possible (allowing said player to encounter more scenarios where paying for a certain clothing would come up (if i only have 3 girl chars.. how many male/robut phashions are going to draw my attention?) as a way to annoy you out of money is not a good look) people will pay what they can pay.. we are a loyal and loving community..

i had more.. they just flew the roost.. so if i think of em again, i'll re edit:

oh yeah.. one last thing:

don't listen to the cry babies: i love your guys' work and i would hate to be the reason that you are away from your families/ going thru hell in crunch just because some of the player base doesn't understand how to ration content or entertain themselves in the early goings of a new mmo. do i want more content? i mean.. i'm a hug phan of the game.. so.. yeah! i'll take it alll if you're giving it..

do i want it bad enough for you guys to suffer or miss important familial things? no.. no not at all.. and i apologize if our selfish behavior has already caused hardships..

i believe i speak for every one (everyone with an opinion that matters anyways) when i say: take all the time you need to deliver quality and do so without adding stress to your lives as a means to entertain us.
we get impatient because of our love of the game. but as pushy as we can be.. i don't think any of us want you to rush out crap content, put yourselves thru emotional/mental anguish, or otherwise have our impatience negatively effect either the game or you personally as a dev team. we love you. and we thank you.

(btw, awesome job on the new content btw.. =^-^=)

thank you for your time.