One of my personal NGS challenges, getting a flawless victory while soloing vet mobs

This is just one of several times I soloed vet mobs and didn't get hit once during the entire battle:

I have been keeping score on the vet mobs I solo with out them hitting me once and on what character

Current score chart as of this post: 104306b5-3b11-43bc-9faf-ef00321995bb-image.png

Those are the vet mobs I like to mess with since I have been learning their attack patterns and exploiting weaknesses in them.

This has been something I use to help extend the low content of NGS, and its actually fun while I farm the Dread Keeper augment.

How long did you take to reach this level of skill? Have you ever beat Bujin without getting hit? I ask because when we will have a giant Bujin, it will be a massacre...

I have not done the Bujin thing in his cocoon, and other encounters I still get hit every so often.

As for how long it took me, it might have been a couple of months when I got the first one of these, since I periodically farm those five vet mobs listed for the Dread Keeper augment.

The challenge is made tougher when ever randoms come in out of nowhere and interfere with attempts either by messing up the timings in the attack patterns, changing aggro, or killing it too fast when a bunch of them come in as a mass swarm.

(Also Looks like that troll who screams "Everything is impossible" never saw this and never will since he won't last long)

A recent vet mob battle on my main this time, didn't get a flawless victory since the Ard Banshee got a lucky hit in near the end, but you can still see my skill in the fight.

That particular vet mod is tricky to dodge attacks from since his area is a tight space, but with a enough practice anyone can get close.

@LazerRay This is perfect even if it hit you once! It's so good to have a magician in the party while someone holds the enemy in place. PS: I have a Bujin video, it's far from perfect but you might like it, it'll be in a new thread. And congratulations for your dedication 👏