Silver and Gold Primm Swords are Terrible Weapons, they are Enhancement/Augment Tools

If you pick up any silver and/or gold sword, they are not meant to be used as a weapon, they have lousy stats for that.

These items are actually a tool for upgrading your other weapons:

Silver swords are just like the Exp Gunblades from PSO2, their only purpose is to be used as enhancement fodder.

Gold swords can be use like the silver ones for more weapon exp, or you can trade in 10 of them at the item exchange for an N-Augmentation Success Rate +10%

If you do attempt to use these sword as weapons, it only will make things more difficult for your self since they are not made for combat, I have seen several players trying to do this and struggle even on basic mobs or wonder why they can't get their Battle Power high enough to unlock story mode stuff and UQs.

SEGA needs to add a subclass of Weapon Class: Enhancement

Maybe make them unequipable while they're at it if this many new users are actually following the trailer footage as a guidebook.

This is mainly a PSA thread, but Sega needs to do something with the silver and gold swords to indicate that they are not meant for combat, even if its just redoing the description text.