Need some help I’m new.

Hello, I’m a new player to the game and I’ve been looking at a hunter build I want to do. Can someone tell me what TAJA and TAJA PP mean?

Sounds like you're talking about the Just Attack things. Basically a Just Attack or.. whatever NA is calling it, I keep forgetting all of the translations.. is when you attack when that blue ring around your character turns red. Timing it just right is called a Just Attack (Or TrueAttack? I'm attmepting to remember what it's called lol)

PP is Photon Points, it's what you need to use your Photon Arts, or special attacks. I actually don't use Hunter much but it sounds like those skill tree things are about increasing damage for doing a Just Attack, and the other gives you more PP for successfully attacking with a Just Attack..

I could be a little off, hopefully a Hunter will correct anything that I'm wrong on.

@A4Angel thank you!! That helps out a lot more than what I know lol. I’ve enjoyed the game so far as I’ve never played any of the games before. Pretty fun. Just gotta learn the ropes 😂😂

@x-Gillyy-x You'll get it! Always feel free to ask around here or just out in the lobby in-game! There's bound to be a bunch of us hanging around who would be more than happy to help out in the moment too!

TAJA and TAJA PP refer to two specific Fighter Skills, Tech Arts Just Attack Bonus and Tech Arts Just Attack PP Save, known as Tech Arts Perfect Attack Bonus and Combo Var. P. Attack PP Save on the NA server.

TAJA gives you a damage bonus for chaining together different Photon Arts with correct Perfect Attack timing, and TAJA PP reduces your PP consumption for doing so.