New concerts

Quna is nice and i enjoy when she comes around for the triboost but can we maybe have different songs or people singing aswell maybe even a throw back to old pso and have someone sing world with me or can still see the light maybe even idola theme just for a bit of variety

She is the only idol in Oracle, no competition, no effort.

There used to be a few other concert like events in JP. There was this cool staged Taiko Drum thing were we all would stand on a stage with the performers and dance along with them and play a rhythm game... Maybe we'll get to have them back later on at some point?

I just hope that they let the NA server experience the madness of the Sachiko Concert!

Yeah, I agree that Eternal Encore playing by default is getting kinda old.

What happened to the normal song that required shouting ENCORE to make eternal Encore start?

Feedback noted!

I really hope you guys come out with new concerts. I really enjoy when it comes around but sitting through the same song every time it comes out is getting kind of old. I was really excited when I found out this was a thing and still enjoy it to a point. Please get other songs or even better other idols to sing other songs as well. Then go back to having a concert a couple times a day!

@AndrlCh said in New concerts:

I just hope that they let the NA server experience the madness of the Sachiko Concert!

Me too, I missed out on that one. (it kind of reminds me of the opening to FFX-2 in a good way, there's a lot of stuff you can do with animation you simply can't do in real life without wasting way too much money and Square Enix aren't wont to hold back with their animation budget when it comes to anything not rendered in a game engine) I'm sure they can do the "We Are Arks" one if it's sung by the same guy who did the Daytona USA soundtrack.

I know the P3 and P5 dancing games aren't new anymore but Sega owns Atlus so I'm holding out hope for Mass Destruction, Rivers in a Desert and the Morgana costume you get from watching both.

Also Sega owns Project Diva but the licensing rights to the vocaloid cover of Living Universe might still be tricky as Crypton Future Media owns the rights to the vocaloid software and characters. That said I don't think it would be too difficult as they seem to willfully turn a blind eye to fan creations and the music is automatically licensed when you use their software.

Edit: Also if Sachiko can't sing in English, maybe they can get Lady Gaga? I can't even imagine what a Lady Gaga concert would look like in PSO2 lol!

I would like to weigh in on this discussion after having experienced my first concert yesterday. I've been heavily grinding it since its NA release, and I've been loving every bit of it. Quna was great without question but it was very short lived and I'd like to add some ideas that you may or may not already be thinking about. 1.) make it longer/give more songs to be performed at the performance, and as a sidenote to that give her multiple types/genres of song to perform. 2.) put more songs in the arsenal of the performers so that each concert isn't the same as the last (so I'm told from a friend who made the last concert.). also maybe have multiple performers perform in 1 sitting or some other sort of way that I'm basically asking to mix it up and make it last longer haha. also maybe have a special area for the concerts and change the lights and scenes/scenery so it has a more subversive real concert like feel to it. mix up the tempos and add some spice in the mix.

@BiggethBONE said in New concerts:

and as a sidenote to that give her multiple types/genres of song to perform

She's a Japanese idol type of preformer, since when did they do anything other than Jpop? (vocaloids aside, though unless I am mistaken, their official concerts are pretty much always exclusively Jpop too... and no the epic rap battle in Zombieland Saga also does not count, that show was pretty much nothing but Jpop too except for those two or three times the plot called for it)

It's not like other generas would be impossible with other performers. I mean Mass Destruction from Persona 3 is rap and We're Arks is Jfolk.

Also Sachiko's songs are some weird combo of Jfolk and Jpop.

@Mattwo7 the point is its a concert inside of a game, and I'm sure even if we were boring and limited it to one style only (because the possibilities are endless) she still could have more than one song. they could perform oldschool japanese city pop, or rave music which doesn't even require vocals, or jrock or jalternative, or like you mentioned even j rap. the whole point of my suggestion isn't to critique the artist or to ask to get rid of her performance, I love her performance. my suggestion is simply to add more/mix it up, and with that I gave options I could think about off the top of my head. and in reference to the side note I'm not super familiar with the artist herself, but I'm sure not every song is the same tempo and the same exact style with different words. she could easily have a song outside of her norm as just about every artist does, she could be featured in another artists song which maybe incorporates her vocals over a chorus or remixed and mastered into some sort of beat for multiple genres of song. again I could make up a million scenarios but the point is that the possibilities that could be played around with are endless and it would be nice to get some variety or even mix it up just a bit so that its not the same thing repeatedly.

On a related note when quna introduces the last song she did the voice over didn't match the printed dialog she introduces the song as unending story but the printed dialog shows it as "the never ending story" I would appreciate it if this was corrected