Special Mission: Tokyo (Rainbow) cannot be completed due to Gunnekazuchi ruining it.

For those of you who do not know, Special Mission: Tokyo (Rainbow) is 100% impossible to complete because the last enemy Gunnekazuchi cannot be defeated and I have real proof. It is 100% immune to everything. None of my attacks can hurt it. It has no weakness. Confirmed.

You have to break the orbs over his head, then attack the back of his neck, I have completed the rainbow key several times.

@LazerRay No it's not. It's impossible. I swear. He has no weakness. Confirmed.

This is taken right out of ARKS Visiphone 2dc54a64-7ffb-4079-9d87-9351cc5e6ad1-image.png

And if you are too dumb to break the orbs, don't bother with gold keys anymore, quite a few players can kill this boss, since we learned the strategy against him.

This guy is the predecessor to the enhanced mobs in NGS where you have to break the red spike before you can do any damage to them.

If you want to continue to argue with me, you will just wind up on my blocklist.

When people are unaware you can cycle between lock ons kekw.

Just use rifle, switch lock on to top of his head and shoot it till the orbs break.

I shall test it out this weekend with my weekly Rainbow key, courtesy from glorious Rappy from a REC mission

edit: while on this topic, it's kinda odd why that enemy gives way too low EXP on Kazeguchi keys