Soaring blades help?

Hello. Just saw a video of s soaring blades bouncer gliding sode to side and turning their swords into two thin/narrow blades before attacking. Anyone know how to do this? Also, is there a skill that allows me to dodge and still attack while staying in the air. A few videos i thought I seen that. Hope my question isn't too weird

Can you link the video, becuase I feel you may have been seeing an Etoile, not a Bouncer.

With Soaring Baldes, you should be dodging mostly with your Weapon Action, not your Sidestep, as that has a higher invincibility time if you have maxed the Photon Blades Escape Skill, and it allows you to stay in the air.

@AndrlCh hmm interesting. Thanks for always answering my many questions on different topics in different parts of the forum. You're awesom. Here's the vid.

Ok, that is a Bouncer. Basically, the gliding back and forth and the little blades coming out of the SBs are the Weapon Action. And as for the "thin/narrow blades" are you talking about the Camo they have on their weapon?

@AndrlCh ok yea. I seen another video where another person had the same look on their weapons so it must be a camo.

If it is this that you are talking about, then it is a camo called *Zodiac Sign, which isn't available on NA yet:

alt text

@AndrlCh yup that's it. And only dodge using weapon skill not the dodge button right with soaring blades?

@UmemeMfalme Not all the time, but in most cases where you are definitely going to need the extra invincibility. Just don't forget that you don't get any invincibility from your Weapon Action if you are not pushing a direction. If you are just trying to get around a group of enemies to position yourself or if the attack if highly telegraphed, normal Sidestepping should be fine

@AndrlCh that makes sense. And jumping twice and using the weapon skill allows me to stay in the air longer/forever? Lol

@UmemeMfalme Yes, your Weapon Action will maintain your height, though you will still slowly start to drop over time or if you miss your timing.

@AndrlCh miss my timing? Like with timing using it before I get hit?

  • lol you should see how I stay in the air now...its definitely the unintended way lol but it works lol. I jump twice, use pa then just forever regular attack to rebuild my pp, rinse and repeat lol

@UmemeMfalme I mean your timing after using your Weapon Action; if you don't input another action within a window of time, like a normal Attack or a PA, you will start to drop to the ground.