Lore of Halpha and history

Was hoping initially when we started we'd learn more about the planet we spend most of our time on. Especially when we have amazing areas like the Resol Forest with trees that seem to have glitches within them like a programmed world, or Vanford Ruins, an abandoned labratory where drones run amok. Or my favorite which is South Aelio where the view is just beautiful. 😄

I'd even love to learn about the creatures on Halpha. Apparently the most popular one (next to Rappies) is the bunny squirrel thing which name escapes me but they are indeed the cutest....though I love the little owls too 🙂

Maybe there can be a community talk on the lore and inhabitants of the planet. The only thing we know so far are DOLLS, ARKS, and Meteorn who are just a bunch of goof-balls with no memories that happen to be really good at beating stuff up lol. Or maybe we could just make stuff up, that'd be fun too. 😛

@Kurogaea said in Lore of Halpha and history:

I'd even love to learn about the creatures on Halpha. Apparently the most popular one (next to Rappies) is the bunny squirrel thing which name escapes me but they are indeed the cutest....though I love the little owls too

Sunny/Moony? Yes, "cute" is the reason they don't die like all the other creatures we absolutely exterminate to harvest enough meat to get a food boost. I suppose we just clip their tail or ears to get some meat, which might lower the odds of them ever reproducing. Whoops...

I was hoping that there will be sidequests that will explore the lore of the region like any other actual sidequest in an RPG. But since it seems like they haven't thought that far ahead, I was thinking that now would be a good time to add a lore specific character and make the Rappy Mascot into an actual character.

Remember in Base PSO2 you'll sometimes get gifts from a person who seems to be a huge Rappy fan when you complete your recommended quests? I was thinking that NGS will have their own version of that Rappy character who's main purpose is to give lore to players about each of the areas and it will be its own series of quest lines too. Basically you will meet this Rappy like most of the other NPCs in the city, who's one of the main quirks is that she insists that she's actually Rappy to anyone who says otherwise, and she'll be expressing a desire to help Meteorns like us to familiarize ourselves with the areas of Halpha. She comes up with an idea as some sort of audio-tour that she'll provide and she wants you to try it out to see how useful it is.

She'll have a quest in each of the areas which are basically introduction quests to them. After arriving she'll ask you to go to specific spots in the area like that reminiscing guy and she'll give you the basic lore and detail of the area once you reach it. That also includes the battle areas, but luckily she thought ahead of time and will repeat the lore she gave you just in case you missed it while battling after you complete it.

South Aelio is where most of the water is purified for the city and the Rappy will tell you not to worry about defeating enemies around the devices as most of the purification happens in them or that water is purified somewhere else. In West Aelio the Rappy will give her condolences to the destroyed town and gives a brief history of what it was like there before its destruction. In North Aelio she'll give a basic history of what that building was supposed to be used for or that details of the building is strangely hidden and there's nothing about rumors about it and how only certain ARKs are allowed to investigate what's inside it. She'll also mention the beautiful field behind it and wishes that it wasn't so filled with enemies that she can enjoy it, as well as describe how those strange needle things relate to the DOLLS and how it was also a site of a certain battle a century or two ago. Oh yeah, in Central Aelio, the Rappy describes how this area is normally used as a good training area for brand new ARKs as it is relatively safe, but that doesn't mean that everyone should let their guard down because powerful enemies can still show up even with the large amount of ARKs living in an area.

In Mt. Magnus, the Rappy explains how battle areas are made and decided since for the most part, it's hard to relax in them. The sad history of Vanford Laboratory will be detailed here in how the DOLLS attack in the area is a sad example of how some places really didn't have a choice to become battle areas which reminds me of the Mizuhagawa District in Scarlet Nexus in how a construction of a new town just became a monster hotspot instead really nice music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trQWXgQRMMo The beauty of the Resol Forest always mesmerizes the Rappy and it's here where she begins to wonder if the planet is actually a real planet or an artificial one along with a mentioned that ARKS did encountered artificial ones but they look much more natural than Halpha.

After from these intro quests, is where the Rappy will have area specific questlines that expand with each Region introduction and will most likely only have two or three of them at the time. For example for South Aelio she'll get one of the people who maintained the water purifiers to come to you for help about defeating a boss enemy around them and the person will explain that despite the machine's sturdiness they still have problem with the enemies there. In Vanford Laboratory, you'll be tasked to go to a certain spot on the map or defeat a certain number of enemies to retrieve an important memento for someone who used to work in the lab.

That's basically how the quests will eventually develop as time moves on and even have more lore relating to you as the game's main story progress. Especially with how Lake Halpha has level 60 enemies there so it will definitely change into something that will most likely be the entrance of a dungeon or something like that.